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December 21, 2007

1. China's intelligence service gained access to a secret NSA listening post in Hawaii through a Chinese-language translation service.

2. Suicide bomber again targets Pakistani Interior Ministry, kills 50 at Eid prayers in mosque.

3. Belgium arrests 14 in plot to break al-Qaeda 9/11 plotter from prison, security stepped up.

4. Israeli officials say 'Russia does not want a nuclear Iran,' yet Russian-supplied nuclear fuel frees Iran to stockpile its own enriched uranium production.

Fourteen arrested in Belgian terror plot to break AQ 9/11 plotter from prison - Telegraph
Belgium tightens security against possible attack: ministry - AFP

China taps into U.S. spy operations - Washington Times
December 1: MI5 alert on China’s cyberspace spy threat - Times Online
US hits at Chinese oil deal with Iran - MSNBC
First Joint China-India Exercises Begin - Defense News

Israeli officials: 'Russia doesn't want nuclear Iran' - Jerusalem Post
Russia Delivers Fuel for Iranian Reactor - Moscow News
Iran: Russian fuel won't stop Iran enrichment process - M&C
US: Iran could revive atom bomb bid due to IAEA inspection curbs - Reuters
Powers fail to reach deal on Iran sanctions - AFP

Suicide Bombing at Mosque again targets Interior Ministry, Kills Dozens - VOA
50 die in Pakistan suicide blast near home of former Interior Minister - Los Angeles Times
Backgrounder: Distinguishing Interior Ministry Forces from Pakistani Army - ThreatsWatch
Chronology: Attacks in Pakistan since July 2007 - Reuters

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