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December 20, 2007

1. Pentagon report says Iran still funding, supporting Iraq militias, Quds force still active there.

2. With nuclear fuel shipped to Iran and promises of more ICBM launches, Russia's Putin is TIME's Person of the Year.

3. Russia vows to scuttle any UN agreement on Kosovo, UN efforts frozen in place.

4. Another al-Qaeda torture facility found in Diyala province in Iraq.

5. In Macao, hundreds march in the streets demanding full democracy from Chinese government.

6. Lebanese newspaper predicts more Syrian assassinations on Lebanese lawmakers, seeking pro-Syrian majority by attrition.

7. US officials in North Korea to inspect nuclear dismantling previously agreed to.

Senior al-Qaeda Theologian Urges His Followers To End Their Jihad - New York Sun
France holds 'al-Qaeda suspects' - BBC
Germany indicts third man in al-Qaeda plot - M&C
Former Guantanamo detainee faces possible extradition to Spain - Union-Tribune
Al-Qaeda in North Africa (AQIM) takes new tack amid losses - Los Angeles Times

Hundreds March For Democracy In China's Las Vegas - ABC

Colombian FARC Rebels Say 3 Hostages To Be Released to Hugo Chavez - Washington Post

Dangerous liaisons: Russia, Iran and nuclear fuel - Economist
Iran, North Korea, Pakistan Top 2007 Nuclear Issues - VOA

Kurds: We Will Defend Civilians Against Turkish Forces - ABC
Iranian Qods Force still active in Iraq - Long War Journal
Pentagon report: Iran keeps funding militias in Iraq - CS Monitor
Al-Qaeda Torture Center Found in Diyala - ABC
U.S. releases Iranian detained in Kurdish city in 2004 - Los Angeles Times

Israel says it opposes Russian plans for Moscow peace summit - Haaretz
Background: Moscow pushing for follow-up Mideast peace summit in April (December 10) - Haaretz
'Israel's ability to deal with Qassams almost non-existent' - Jerusalem Post

Russia warns UN it will veto independence for Kosovo - Scotsman
UN gives up on a Kosovo solution - International Herald Tribune
U.N. Security Council Deadlocked Over Kosovo - NPR
Kosovo: Security Council Offers Little Suspense On Kosovo - RFE/RL

An-Nahar Newspaper Predicts Further Assassinations in Lebanon - Naharnet
Lebanon's Hariri blames stalemate on Syria - Reuters
Syrian Foreign Minister Blames US for Crisis - The Hindu
US, France press Lebanon to fill vacant presidency - AFP
Lebanon charges al-Qaeda cell in church bomb - M&C
Lebanon sentences two over German train bomb plot - Reuters

U.S. Team to Inspect North Korea Nuclear Dismantlement - Chosun ilbo
China says North Korea fulfilling nuclear commitments - RIA Novosti

Al-Qaeda Plays Dealbreaker in Pakistan: Rauf's 'Escape' in Context - Asia Times
US Congress restricts some military aid to Pakistan - IHT

Vladimir Putin - Person of the Year 2007 - TIME
Iran: Russian Nuclear Fuel Enhances Ties
Russia to double ICBM launches after 2009 - RIA Novosti

U.N. Finds Fraud, Mismanagement in Peacekeeping - Washington Post
U.N. General Assembly Adopts Death Penalty Moratorium - New York Sun

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