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December 19, 2007

1. Taliban leader says umbrella group Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan umbrella group unites Taliban, offers bin Laden sanctuary.

2. A local Taliban leader announces unilateral ceasefire with Pakistani forces, but attacks, kidnappings continue.

3. Syria's Bashar Assad says he turned down 2001 offer from A.Q. Khan's Pakistani proliferation network for nuclear weapons.

4. Hamas' Haniyeh says wants truce with Abbas' Fatah, Israelis do not trust sincerity or motives.

5. Latest Lebanese presidential election delay draws ire from France's Sarkozy, blames Syria and Bashar Assad.

6. Exit polls indicate Lee elected new South Korean president.

7. President Bush to visit the West Bank during Annapolis progress trip to Middle East in January.

Taliban Kills 15 Afghan Guards Working for U.S. Firm - New York Sun

Hamas leader appeals for reconciliation with Abbas, Fatah - IHT
Peres: Haniyeh trying to divert attention from Hamas crimes - Jerusalem Post

Sarkozy loses patience with Assad - Jerusalem Post

Leader says Taliban joining forces, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan would welcome bin Laden - IHT
Waziristan Taliban leader announces Eid ceasefire with Pak forces - Daily Times
But attacks continue as 12 killed in Kohat suicide attack - Daily Times
And Kidnappings continue as 2 army captains among four missing - Dawn

Lee Set for Victory in South Korea - New York Times

Assad: I turned down an offer to buy nuclear weapons - Jerusalem Post

Taiwan president pushes for naval build-up - AFP

President Bush to Visit West Bank in January Trip to Middle East - White House

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