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December 18, 2007

1. Australian Defence Minister warns NATO: "We are winning the battles and not the war."

2. Canada to reconsider future Afghanistan troop deployments.

3. Pakistan Court Rules: Former PM Nawaz Sharif cannot be on election ballot.

4. As Russia delivers nuclear fuel to Iran for Bushehr plant, report says China supplied technology for Iran's first solid-fuel missile.

5. Ahmadinejad says US NIE a 'declaration of surrender' to Iran on nuclear crisis.

6. Violence continues to fall in Iraq, now at lows for the entire conflict.

7. Ailing Fidel Castro hints at stepping down in Cuba.

Australian defense chief warns allies over Afghanistan war - CNN
Canada reconsiders role in Afghanistan - International Herald Tribune
Afghan Mission Is Reviewed as Concerns Rise - New York Times
Musa Qala: A victory, but little to cheer - Economist
Taliban tactics now more sophisticated - ChronicleHerald
Canada urged to take 'diplomatic, development offensive' in Afghanistan in 2008 - The Canadian Press

Britain 'fleeing' Iraq, says Zawahiri - Telegraph
Zawahiri pledges online chat - UPI
See Video [Subtitled]: Zawahiri: A Review of Events - ThreatsWatch

Anti-terrorism agents question Mufti over Hizballah - News.com.au

China denies selling fighter planes to Iran - IRNA
EU calls on China to allow currency appreciate to help U.S. dollar vs euro - IHT
New Report Cuts China Economy Down a Size...by 40% - Business Week

Fidel Castro hints at stepping down - Examiner

Iran working on N-bomb says Israel - The Australian
Israeli disagreement on Iran based on Interpretation, not data - Jerusalem Post
China supplied the technology for Iran's first solid-fuel missile - World Tribune
Russia Begins Delivering Fuel to Iranian Nuclear Power Plant - VOA
Iran sees Bushehr plant at full capacity in one year - AFP
Iran says U.S. report a 'declaration of surrender' - Reuters

Violence in Iraq Still Falling, but Pace of Decline Slows - Washington Post
Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Ansar al-Sunnah Reverts Back to Using Ansar al-Islam Name - Counterterrorism Blog
U.S. Helps Turkey Hit Rebel Kurds In Iraq - Washington Post
Thirty-nine killed in Diyala clash between al-Qaeda and locals - Herald Sun

Israel rules out attacks by Hizballah, Syria in 2008 - AFP
Clearly not ruling out Hamas, Islamic Jihad in Gaza - AFP
Gaza Terrorists Killed as $7.4B Is Pledged to Palestinians - New York Sun

Lebanon presidential vote postponed again - SwissInfo

Iran making push into Nicaragua - San Antonio Express-News

Sharif out of Pakistani vote after losing appeal - Los Angeles Times
Two children killed in Pakistan gunbattle - AFP
Extremist group operates openly in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Two officers charged in terrorist's escape: Pakistan police - AFP

Russian general says missiles could target US shield: report - Defense News
Russian nuclear fuel lands in Iran - Los Angeles Times

Ex-British adviser: 'Overblown' al-Qaeda threat wrongly overshadows Global Warming threat - USA Today

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