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December 15, 2007

1. Musharraf ends emergency rule, swears in appointed supreme court as Taliban unite, pool resources and command in Pakistan.

2. France's Sarkozy warns Lebanon of a Monday 'last chance' to elect a president.

3. A report denied by Hizballah asserts that Hassan Nasrallah has been relieved of military command by Iran's Supreme Leader Khameini and replaced.

4. Syria announces solid ties with Iran after Annapolis, arrests 30 domestic political opposition members.

5. The recent arrest of a man tied to Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) may portend growing trend of incursions into other U.S. cities by the extremely violent gang.

6. Hamas warns of new Intifada on terrorist group's 20th anniversary.

7. Australia says no more troops to Afghanistan until Europe increases its share.

Australia Demands Troop Increase by Europe in Afghanistan - icWales
Top NATO general in Afghanistan promises permanent presence in Arghandab - Canadian Press

The New 'Great Game' for Central Asia Riches - AP
Russian atomic power chief hails new plant in China - Forbes
India-Russia-China meet to promote trade ties - The Hindu

Report: Hizballah leader Nasrallah demoted by Khamenei - Jerusalem Post
Khamenei appoints Qassem as Hizballah military commander - Ya Libnan
Hizballah denies reports its chief demoted by Iran - International Herald Tribune

Military, Tribal Successes Could Be Forcing Al-Qaeda To Change Tactics -RFE/RL
Soldier deaths down in Iraq - Seattle Times

Sarkozy warns of Monday's 'last chance' for Lebanon to choose president - AFP
Former Hizballah cleric Fadlallah slams 'rigid' political class, warns of more instability - Beirut Daily Star
Lebanon buries murdered general - Financial Times
Is death the only thing that can bring Lebanon's politicians to the same room? - Beirut Daily Star

Musharraf Lifts Pakistan's State of Emergency - FOX
Pakistani Leader Ends State of Emergency - ABC
Musharraf: Emergency halted destruction - CNN
New Pakistani judges take fresh oath - Khaleej Times
Pakistani Taliban unites under Baitullah Mehsud - Long War Journal
Pakistan suicide bomber kills at least 5 in Nowshera near Peshawar - MSNBC

Hamas warns of Intifada on 20th anniversary - Khaleej Times
Israeli jets strike Gaza after Sderot rocket attack - EuroNews
Hamas: We'll harm Schalit if IDF enters Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Hamas Arrests Aide to Palestinian Prime Minister - New York Times
First Palestinian Policewomen Begin Work in West Bank - AP
Israeli Army Spotters Reduced to Counting Wild Animals - AP
Gaza rally marks Hamas's 20th anniversary - Telegraph

Assad: Syrian-Iranian ties will always be stable - al-Bawaba
Syria's Remote Control - Wall Street Journal
Syria arrests more than 30 political dissenters - Ya Libnan
Bush: Syria must release arrested opposition activists - AFP

Attorney General Mukasey will not release information on CIA tapes - ABC
More border cities see signs of Mara Salvatrucha - El Paso Times

Vietnamese minister invites Iranian companies to participate in development projects - Mathaba News

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