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December 14, 2007

1. Musharraf prepares to lift emergency rule as suspected al-Qaeda assassination plot broken up in Karachi.

2. Anticipating poor election results, Musharraf puts nuclear weapons under presidential control from prime minister.

3. Ayman al-Zawahiri released a statement via al-Qaeda's as-Sahab propaganda apparatus, condemned Annapolis talks as a "betrayal," called Abbas a "traitor."

4. Indicators are suggesting an increase in al-Qaeda's shift into Yemen from Pakistan.

5. Congo fighting and humanitarian crisis surge.

6. Iran calls for an end to UN sanctions as Russia announces resumption of work on Iranian nuclear plant.

Al Qaeda Calls Mideast Talks A 'Betrayal' - CBS
Zawahiri: Annapolis, the Betrayal - ThreatsWatch
Chronology: Messages attributed to Zawahri - Reuters
Algeria bombing prompts question: Can Al-Qaeda spread across North Africa? - CS Monitor

A battered Congo again in convulsions - International Herald Tribune
DR Congo rebel general demands talks with government - AFP
Fighting in Congo Threatens Great Lakes Region - ThreatsWatch

E.U. leaders adopt new Charter, bypass Constitution rejection vote - Washington Post
EU summit gambles on huge Kosovo mission - Guardian
UN Security Council agrees to hear Kosovo Albanians - Reuters

UN should end Iran curbs - Tehran Times
Schedule Fixed for Iranian Atomic Plant - Moscow Times
Russia to Resume Iranian Nuclear Plant Construction - VOA
Iran, IAEA wrap up latest nuclear talks: official - AFP

Pakistan arrests alleged al-Qaeda members in plot to kill Musharraf - M&C
Pakistan President Amends Constitution; Prepares To Lift Emergency Rule - VOA
Musharraf’s Rural Support Seems Less Than He Claims - New York Times
Musharraf assumes nuclear control - BBC
NCA warns against nuclear misadventure - Daily Times

Has Al Qaeda Changed its Base? - Asharq Alawsat
Al-Qaeda's New Base is Yemen - Armies of Liberation
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