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December 11, 2007

The following is a list of key events from around the globe monitored by ThreatsWatch.

Links, updated as warranted, to these and other reporting are included below the listing.

1. Two car bombs were detonated killing at least 62 in Algiers. The first explosion near the Constitutional Council's building, the second between two UN buildings - the UNHCR building and the main UN offices in Algiers.

2. Russian presidential nominee Dmitri Medvedev urges Putin to become Prime Minister.

3. Israeli forces enter the Gaza Strip, reportedly killing five terrorists. The operation is considered the largest incursion since Hamas gained control of Gaza.

Car Bombs in Algerian Capital Kill 45 - AP
Dozens killed in Algeria blasts - CNN
Timeline of Attacks and Bombings in the Maghreb - Reuters
Algeria's Bombings: al-Qaeda Strike at French-Algerian Rapprochement? - CTBlog

Taliban Resistance Over in Afghan Town - AP
NATO, Afghan Forces Retake Taliban Stronghold - VOA

IMF: Palestinian Reform Plan Doable - AP

Iran Opposition: Nuclear Program Resumed - AP
Israelis Brief Top U.S. Official on Iran - NYTimes
CIA has recruited Iranians to defect - LATimes (12/09/07)

Iraqi National Security Advisor Rejects Permanent US Bases - Reuters
Iraq asks U.N. to Renew Mandate for US-led Forces - Washington Post

Israeli Tanks, Bulldozers Move Into Gaza - AP

My Way News - Pakistan Test-Fires Medium-Range Missile - AP

Putin urged to lead government after Kremlin - AFP
Medvedev: Putin Should Be Prime Minister - AP
Putin's Successor Medvedev Promises Him Premier's Job - Bloomberg
Russia's Putin Urged to Assume Premier Post - VOA

US, China Sign Deals to Safeguard Food - AP
US and China in Talks Over Trade Issues - BBC

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