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December 10, 2007

1. Defense Secretary Gates says Iran remains a threat, that "Everywhere you turn, it is the policy of Iran to foment instability and chaos."

2. Tehran denies nuclear weapons program ever existed.

3. Al-Qaeda in Iraq appears to be executing its bombing campaign called for on December 3, police chief in Hilla killed.

4. Lebanon's presidential vote planned for Tuesday, Hizballah building military zones, supply routes.

5. Suicide bomber in Swat kills 9 including children, Nawaz Sharrif rising in domestic political power struggles.

6. Brits, Afghan Army retake Musa Qala in Helmand province's "Opium Bazaar."

Taliban stronghold Musa Qala falls in Helmand Province - Times Online
British and Afghan troops retake Musa Qala - Telegraph
Brown visit as Afghan battle rages - CNN

Iran still a threat to world, says Gates - MSNBC
Bolton calls NIE report on Iran 'quasi-putsch' - Los Angeles Times
Iran 'hoodwinked' CIA over nuclear plans - Telegraph
IAEA Experts back in Tehran - VOA
Tehran: Nuke program never existed - Tehran Times

Roadside bomb kills senior policeman in Iraq - AFP
22 Die in Suicide Attacks in Iraq - AP
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Insurgent-Linked AP Photographer in Iraqi Court - Seattle Times
Britain's Prime Minister Visits Troops in Southern Iraq - VOA

Lebanon parliament petitioned, presidential vote planned Tuesday - AFP
Hizballah creates Military Zone in Bekaa Valley - Ya Libnan
Question purpose of Iran's road in Lebanon - UPI

Suicide bombing in Swat; 2 children among 10 killed - DAWN
Gov't devising framework to lift emergency rule - Daily Times
Sharifs quit boycott camp, to now run in elections - DAWN

Hamas to Rice: We want dialogue with US - Jerusalem Post
Saudis welcome Khaled Meshal in bid to broker new Hamas-Fatah talks - Haaretz
Muslim gunmen target Christian in Gaza - Jerusalem Post

Another Move In Putin's Power Play: Supports Medvedev as Successor - ABC
Medvedev's ascent owed to Putin, called a 'lackey' - IHT

Syria sees isolation fading after Annapolis - Reuters

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