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December 7, 2007

1. Senators planning a commission to review the latest NIE on Iran as NATO envoys support call for Iran sanctions.

2. Secretary of Defense Gates encouraged in Iraq visit, but says Marines will stay in Anbar vice shift to Afghanistan.

3. Former Pakistani PM Bhutto threatens mass movement and demonstrations if Musharraf does not guarantee free, fair, transparent January 8 elections.

4. Though vote today is still planned, few in Beirut expect Lebanese parliament to avoid another delay in selecting president.

5. Sarkozy seeks renewed ties with Algeria in three-day visit.

6. IDF suspects Hamas upgrades rocket arsenal as attacks on Sderot in Israel continue.

Pentagon eyes China nuke talks - Washington Times

Package Bomb Kills 1 in Paris - New York Times
Two arrested in France over suspected Basque separatist ETA shooting - AFP
Sarkozy campaigns for renewed ties with Algeria - National Post

Review of Iran Intelligence to Be Sought - Washington Post
IDF to show US nuclear data on Iran - Jerusalem Post
NATO Envoys Back Rice In Urging Iran Sanctions - Washington Post
Russia spurns U.S. sanction push - Washington Times
NIE Report on Iran Likely To Have Fallout at U.N. - New York Sun
Ahmadinejad: rock star in rural Iran - Christian Science Monitor
Iran: Women Reject The 'Little Miseries' - Radio Free Europe

Gates Leaves Iraq Encouraged - New York Times
Gates: Marines will stay put in Iraq, for now - Christian Science Monitor

Defense officials concerned as Hamas upgrades Qassam arsenal - Haaretz
Another day, another Palestinian bombardment - Financial Times

Lebanon's Partliament Plans to Select President Friday - VOA

Pakistan Opposition to Set Musharraf Deadline for Vote Demands - Bloomberg
US Official Defends Aid to Pakistan - VOA
Pakistan crisis leaves Kashmir peace process in limbo - Daily Times

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