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December 4, 2007

1. In the wake of NIE on Iranian nuclear development programs, UN sanctions are questioned by China, while Russian President Putin notes Iran's cooperation with the IAEA.

2. GCC members conclude meeting with call for peace with Iran, continued progress on monetary union, cross-border residency and business rights and the introduction of a common market.

3. Afghan officials, meeting with Defense Secretary Gates, request more military aid and security training forces to combat the Taliban insurgency.

4. Israel announces plans to build 307 new homes in east Jerusalem neighborhood. Palestinian Authority negotiator sends complaint to Secretary of State Rice.

Additional coverage includes: Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Thailand, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

Afghan Officials Ask for More US Military Aid - VOA
U.S. Senses a Rise in Activity by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan - NYTimes

Egypt Detains 11 Muslim Brotherhood Members - Reuters

GCC members urge peace with Iran - BBC

Russia's Putin Says Iran Cooperating with IAEA - Forbes
China: US Intelligence on Iran Nuclear Program Raises Questions About UN Sanctions - IHT

Iraqi Kidnappers Threaten to Kill British Men - Telegraph
12 Bodies Unearthed in Iraq Mass Grave - AP
US Identifies Abu Maysara, a Top Aide of AQI Leader Abu Ayyb al-Masri, Killed Last Month - The Times

Israel to Build 300 Homes in East Jerusalem - AP

ExxonMobil Vessel Attacked, One Person Killed - VOA

Somali President Hospitalized in Kenya - AP

Bomb Kills 6 in Southern Thailand - AP

Turkish Soldiers Kill 6 Kurdish Rebels - AP

US to Impose Sanctions on 38 with Mugabe Ties - AP

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