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December 3, 2007

1. Chavez loses "President for Life" amendment attempt at Venezuela polls.

2. US suspects Pakistani centrifuges sold to North Korea by AQ Khan ended up in Syria.

3. Fairness of Putin's landslide victory in Russian polls doubted.

4. Former PM Nawaz Sharif banned from the ballot in Pakistan while former PM Benazir Bhutto campaigns in the NorthWest Frontier Province.

5. While Israel releases over 400 Fatah prisoners to Abbas in the West Bank, US withdraws UN statement proposal on Annapolis.

6. Iranian nuclear negotiations seen as 'back to square one,' China supports third round of sanctions.

7. Lebanon's March 14 majority officially endorses Lebanese Army commander for president.

Rise in Western-looking recruits training in terrorist camps - NY Daily News
Australian inmates organize, studying al-Qaeda manual in prisons - Sydney Morning Herald

Iranian Pushes Nuclear Talks Back to Square 1 - New York Times
US, China concur on more Iran sanctions - Jerusalem Post
China banks restrict trade credit to Iran firms-report - Guardian
Iran sanctions help China, Russia Companies - Times of India

Israel Releases 429 Palestinian Captives to Abbas - Washington Post
Olmert won't commit to Annapolis timetable - Jerusalem Post
U.S. Withdraws Draft On Mideast at U.N. - Washington Post
Joint Understanding Read by President Bush at Annapolis Conference - State Department

Lebanese parliamentary majority formally nominates army chief president - Canadian Press
Hizballah in Beirut driver's seat - Middle East Times
Mubarak says Annapolis could lead to peace including Syria, Lebanon - Jerusalem Post

Sharif Barred From Pakistan Election - New York Times
Bhutto campaigns in NWFP, Notes terror risk to nuclear weapons - The Australian
Calculating the Risks in Pakistan - Washington Post
Balkanisation a grave threat, warns Bhutto: Failure in FATA will invite foreign troops - DAWN
Pakistan's Opposition Split on Parliamentary Elections - VOA

Fraud claims mar Putin's poll triumph - The Australian
Putin defends Russian poll as 'legitimate' - EuroNews
Europe urges Russia to probe alleged election fraud - Reuters
Opinion: Democracy Biggest Loser in Russian Elections - Deutsche Welle

U.S. suspects Pakistan centrifuges ended in Syria via North Korea - Washington Times
Iran Says Ties With Syria Rock Solid After Annapolis - AP
US General Credits Syria for Drop in Foreign Fighter Influx to Iraq - International Herald Tribune

Chavez power bid rejected by people - The Age
Chavez Tastes Defeat Over Reforms - TIME
In pictures: Chavez referendum defeat - BBC

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