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December 1, 2007

1. As many as 14 Iraqi citizens killed in an al-Qaeda attack on the predominately Shi'a village of Duwailiya north of Baquba.

2. Turk forces reportedly attacked a group of "50 to 60" PKK members in northern Iraq.

3. Dutch government extends mission in Afghanistan until 2010.

4. Pakistani forces launch fresh operations in Swat valley. Reports indicate 5 insurgent/terrorists killed and as many as 3 dozen arrested.

5. After being sworn in as President, Musharraf sets date for end of state of emergency - December 16th.

6. US reports has evidence of North Korean purchase of centrifuges used in uranium enrichment efforts. Also adds new conditions for DPRK removal from listing of terrorism sponsors.

7. Egypt has held talks with Iran over the possible import of Iranian wheat. Signals possible "new phase of economic relations between Egypt and Iran."

Dutch troops to stay in Afghanistan until 2010 - AFP

Egypt talks with Iran over possible wheat imports - Reuters

French Official: Third Iran Sanctions Resolution Near - AP

Al-Qaeda attack on Duwailiya kills 14 villagers. - BBC
Turks attack PKK in northern Iraq - AP

U.S. says has proof of N.Korea uranium program - Washington Post
US adds conditions for North Korean removal from listing of terrorism sponsors - AFP

New operations against militant positions in Swat - Kuna
Pakistan's Sharif Says He's No Extremist - AP
Musharraf Sets Date for End of Emergency Rule - NYTimes

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