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December 31, 2007

1. Rioting after Bhutto assassination continues, Karachi brought to standstill. January 8 elections in doubt as crisis continues.

2. Iran announced Bushehr nuclear reactor will begin operating in appx. 6 months, not the end of 2008. Russia sends second uranium shipment.

3. Hamas attack killing 2 Israeli hikers puts talks in jeopardy. Israeli PM vows no peace until terror stops.

4. Lebanese presidential election delayed again. Sarkozy cuts all French ties with Syria over Lebanon meddling.

5. Kenyan election disputed and violence erupts. Kenyan police to arrest opposition leaders.

6. As expected, North Korea missed the deadline to declare all of its nuclear programs in exchange for US aid.

Democrats Urge Shifting US Troops to Afghanistan - VOA

Bin Laden warns Sunnis: don't join US - The Australian
Bin Laden vows Jihad in Jerusalem - Haaretz
Israel says it is taking bin Laden threat seriously - International Herald Tribune

Hugo Chavez's hostage mission nears collapse - MSNBC

Iran Announces Nuclear Plant Operational in 6 Months - BBC
Oil Rises as Iran to Start Reactor - Bloomberg
Iran offers nuclear technology to Egypt - Jerusalem Post
Analysis: Iran's inner and outer circles of influence and power - Los Angeles Times
Iran backtracks on Russian S-300 missile announcement - Jerusalem Post
Iran hit by gas cuts after Turkmenistan halts supplies - Forbes

Hamas claims West Bank shootout, 2 Israelis dead - AFP
Israel: No Peace Until Militants Stopped - AP
Chemicals used in making explosives caught at West Bank checkpoint - Haaretz
EU slams terrorists' use of phony EU aid sugar sacks for explosives - Jerusalem Post
Israel stands by West Bank curbs - Financial Times

Incumbent Declared Winner in Kenya's Disputed Election - Washington Post
Kenya Leader Re-Elected in Disputed Vote - ABC
Kenya Erupts in Violence (Photographic) - New York Times
Kenya security on high alert - The Times
Kenyan police to arrest opposition over planned rally - Australian Broadcasting
Kenya Protests: Thousands Battle With Police, Close To 100 Dead - ABC

France breaks ties with Syria over Lebanon crisis - Radio Netherlands
Lebanon Again Delays Presidential Vote - AP
UNIFIL steps up supervision to deter Hizballah re-armament - Haaretz

North Korea Misses Nuclear Declaration Deadline - ABC

Rioting in Pakistan continues - Los Angeles Times
Riots kill 44 as Pakistan snubs aid - Press Association
Rioting Prompts Musharraf to Order Security Forces to Take Firm Action - VOA
Pakistan Considers Delaying Election Date After Riots - Bloomberg
Musharraf party halts campaign - The Australian
Ruling Party Sees Pakistan Vote Delay - AP
Opposition Parties Vow to Proceed With Jan. 8 Election - New York Times
Pakistan's Largest City Paralyzed - ABC

December 27, 2007

1. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Unrest in streets throughout Pakistan, elections uncertain, new state of emergency expected.

2. Russia delivering new S-300 missile system to Iran to bolster defenses.

3. US seeking to out-sell Russia in major Indian arms bidding.

4. Canadian Defence Minister challenges Iran on weapons supply to Taliban in Afghanistan.

5. Al-Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq 'defense minister' in Iraqi custody.

Benazir Bhutto assassinated at political rally in Pakistan - Times Online
Benazir Bhutto 'killed in blast' - BBC
Bhutto shot while standing, waving through sunroof - CNN
Afghan president was in Pakistan to mend ties - International Herald Tribune
Bhutto Killing Threatens Security, Vote - ABC
President Bush: Attack on Bhutto 'Cowardly' - ABC

Canadian Defence Minister challenges Iran on Afghan weapons - Edmonton Journal

Six French Citizens Found Guilty in Chad - Washington Post
France readies appeal to Chad for return of aid workers - IHT

UN fears conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea - Radio Netherlands

Egypt vows to end weapons smuggling - Jerusalem Post
Hamas demands 1,400 prisoners for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit - Reuters

US aims to edge out Russia in big arms sales to India - Guradian
Indian Hindus and Christians caught up in 3rd day of violence - IHT

Russia to set up missile shield for Iran - The Hindu
Russia Selling Iran Sophisticated New Air Defense System - FOX
Backgrounder: New Russian Missile Systems for Iran After TOR-M1 Failure - ThreatsWatch
Larijani in rare Egypt visit probes normalizing relations - International Herald Tribune

Iraq says captures senior al-Qaeda figure, ISI 'defense minister' - Reuters
Triple Threat Pressures al-Qaeda in Iraq, General Says - DefenseLink
Anti-Qaeda fighters in Iraq face an uncertain future - AFP
Turkey Launches Operation Against Kurdish Rebels Near Iraq Border - VOA
Report: Turkey using drones in N. Iraq with help of Israeli crews - Haaretz

Turnout is heavy in Kenyan election - International Herald Tribune

Military Base in Africa: US dumps Nigeria, opts for Liberia - Nigerian Tribune

Chavez: Venezuela to Pick Up FARC Hostages in Colombia - ABC

December 21, 2007

1. China's intelligence service gained access to a secret NSA listening post in Hawaii through a Chinese-language translation service.

2. Suicide bomber again targets Pakistani Interior Ministry, kills 50 at Eid prayers in mosque.

3. Belgium arrests 14 in plot to break al-Qaeda 9/11 plotter from prison, security stepped up.

4. Israeli officials say 'Russia does not want a nuclear Iran,' yet Russian-supplied nuclear fuel frees Iran to stockpile its own enriched uranium production.

Fourteen arrested in Belgian terror plot to break AQ 9/11 plotter from prison - Telegraph
Belgium tightens security against possible attack: ministry - AFP

China taps into U.S. spy operations - Washington Times
December 1: MI5 alert on China’s cyberspace spy threat - Times Online
US hits at Chinese oil deal with Iran - MSNBC
First Joint China-India Exercises Begin - Defense News

Israeli officials: 'Russia doesn't want nuclear Iran' - Jerusalem Post
Russia Delivers Fuel for Iranian Reactor - Moscow News
Iran: Russian fuel won't stop Iran enrichment process - M&C
US: Iran could revive atom bomb bid due to IAEA inspection curbs - Reuters
Powers fail to reach deal on Iran sanctions - AFP

Suicide Bombing at Mosque again targets Interior Ministry, Kills Dozens - VOA
50 die in Pakistan suicide blast near home of former Interior Minister - Los Angeles Times
Backgrounder: Distinguishing Interior Ministry Forces from Pakistani Army - ThreatsWatch
Chronology: Attacks in Pakistan since July 2007 - Reuters

December 20, 2007

1. Pentagon report says Iran still funding, supporting Iraq militias, Quds force still active there.

2. With nuclear fuel shipped to Iran and promises of more ICBM launches, Russia's Putin is TIME's Person of the Year.

3. Russia vows to scuttle any UN agreement on Kosovo, UN efforts frozen in place.

4. Another al-Qaeda torture facility found in Diyala province in Iraq.

5. In Macao, hundreds march in the streets demanding full democracy from Chinese government.

6. Lebanese newspaper predicts more Syrian assassinations on Lebanese lawmakers, seeking pro-Syrian majority by attrition.

7. US officials in North Korea to inspect nuclear dismantling previously agreed to.

Senior al-Qaeda Theologian Urges His Followers To End Their Jihad - New York Sun
France holds 'al-Qaeda suspects' - BBC
Germany indicts third man in al-Qaeda plot - M&C
Former Guantanamo detainee faces possible extradition to Spain - Union-Tribune
Al-Qaeda in North Africa (AQIM) takes new tack amid losses - Los Angeles Times

Hundreds March For Democracy In China's Las Vegas - ABC

Colombian FARC Rebels Say 3 Hostages To Be Released to Hugo Chavez - Washington Post

Dangerous liaisons: Russia, Iran and nuclear fuel - Economist
Iran, North Korea, Pakistan Top 2007 Nuclear Issues - VOA

Kurds: We Will Defend Civilians Against Turkish Forces - ABC
Iranian Qods Force still active in Iraq - Long War Journal
Pentagon report: Iran keeps funding militias in Iraq - CS Monitor
Al-Qaeda Torture Center Found in Diyala - ABC
U.S. releases Iranian detained in Kurdish city in 2004 - Los Angeles Times

Israel says it opposes Russian plans for Moscow peace summit - Haaretz
Background: Moscow pushing for follow-up Mideast peace summit in April (December 10) - Haaretz
'Israel's ability to deal with Qassams almost non-existent' - Jerusalem Post

Russia warns UN it will veto independence for Kosovo - Scotsman
UN gives up on a Kosovo solution - International Herald Tribune
U.N. Security Council Deadlocked Over Kosovo - NPR
Kosovo: Security Council Offers Little Suspense On Kosovo - RFE/RL

An-Nahar Newspaper Predicts Further Assassinations in Lebanon - Naharnet
Lebanon's Hariri blames stalemate on Syria - Reuters
Syrian Foreign Minister Blames US for Crisis - The Hindu
US, France press Lebanon to fill vacant presidency - AFP
Lebanon charges al-Qaeda cell in church bomb - M&C
Lebanon sentences two over German train bomb plot - Reuters

U.S. Team to Inspect North Korea Nuclear Dismantlement - Chosun ilbo
China says North Korea fulfilling nuclear commitments - RIA Novosti

Al-Qaeda Plays Dealbreaker in Pakistan: Rauf's 'Escape' in Context - Asia Times
US Congress restricts some military aid to Pakistan - IHT

Vladimir Putin - Person of the Year 2007 - TIME
Iran: Russian Nuclear Fuel Enhances Ties
Russia to double ICBM launches after 2009 - RIA Novosti

U.N. Finds Fraud, Mismanagement in Peacekeeping - Washington Post
U.N. General Assembly Adopts Death Penalty Moratorium - New York Sun

December 19, 2007

1. Taliban leader says umbrella group Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan umbrella group unites Taliban, offers bin Laden sanctuary.

2. A local Taliban leader announces unilateral ceasefire with Pakistani forces, but attacks, kidnappings continue.

3. Syria's Bashar Assad says he turned down 2001 offer from A.Q. Khan's Pakistani proliferation network for nuclear weapons.

4. Hamas' Haniyeh says wants truce with Abbas' Fatah, Israelis do not trust sincerity or motives.

5. Latest Lebanese presidential election delay draws ire from France's Sarkozy, blames Syria and Bashar Assad.

6. Exit polls indicate Lee elected new South Korean president.

7. President Bush to visit the West Bank during Annapolis progress trip to Middle East in January.

Taliban Kills 15 Afghan Guards Working for U.S. Firm - New York Sun

Hamas leader appeals for reconciliation with Abbas, Fatah - IHT
Peres: Haniyeh trying to divert attention from Hamas crimes - Jerusalem Post

Sarkozy loses patience with Assad - Jerusalem Post

Leader says Taliban joining forces, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan would welcome bin Laden - IHT
Waziristan Taliban leader announces Eid ceasefire with Pak forces - Daily Times
But attacks continue as 12 killed in Kohat suicide attack - Daily Times
And Kidnappings continue as 2 army captains among four missing - Dawn

Lee Set for Victory in South Korea - New York Times

Assad: I turned down an offer to buy nuclear weapons - Jerusalem Post

Taiwan president pushes for naval build-up - AFP

President Bush to Visit West Bank in January Trip to Middle East - White House

December 18, 2007

1. Australian Defence Minister warns NATO: "We are winning the battles and not the war."

2. Canada to reconsider future Afghanistan troop deployments.

3. Pakistan Court Rules: Former PM Nawaz Sharif cannot be on election ballot.

4. As Russia delivers nuclear fuel to Iran for Bushehr plant, report says China supplied technology for Iran's first solid-fuel missile.

5. Ahmadinejad says US NIE a 'declaration of surrender' to Iran on nuclear crisis.

6. Violence continues to fall in Iraq, now at lows for the entire conflict.

7. Ailing Fidel Castro hints at stepping down in Cuba.

Australian defense chief warns allies over Afghanistan war - CNN
Canada reconsiders role in Afghanistan - International Herald Tribune
Afghan Mission Is Reviewed as Concerns Rise - New York Times
Musa Qala: A victory, but little to cheer - Economist
Taliban tactics now more sophisticated - ChronicleHerald
Canada urged to take 'diplomatic, development offensive' in Afghanistan in 2008 - The Canadian Press

Britain 'fleeing' Iraq, says Zawahiri - Telegraph
Zawahiri pledges online chat - UPI
See Video [Subtitled]: Zawahiri: A Review of Events - ThreatsWatch

Anti-terrorism agents question Mufti over Hizballah - News.com.au

China denies selling fighter planes to Iran - IRNA
EU calls on China to allow currency appreciate to help U.S. dollar vs euro - IHT
New Report Cuts China Economy Down a Size...by 40% - Business Week

Fidel Castro hints at stepping down - Examiner

Iran working on N-bomb says Israel - The Australian
Israeli disagreement on Iran based on Interpretation, not data - Jerusalem Post
China supplied the technology for Iran's first solid-fuel missile - World Tribune
Russia Begins Delivering Fuel to Iranian Nuclear Power Plant - VOA
Iran sees Bushehr plant at full capacity in one year - AFP
Iran says U.S. report a 'declaration of surrender' - Reuters

Violence in Iraq Still Falling, but Pace of Decline Slows - Washington Post
Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Ansar al-Sunnah Reverts Back to Using Ansar al-Islam Name - Counterterrorism Blog
U.S. Helps Turkey Hit Rebel Kurds In Iraq - Washington Post
Thirty-nine killed in Diyala clash between al-Qaeda and locals - Herald Sun

Israel rules out attacks by Hizballah, Syria in 2008 - AFP
Clearly not ruling out Hamas, Islamic Jihad in Gaza - AFP
Gaza Terrorists Killed as $7.4B Is Pledged to Palestinians - New York Sun

Lebanon presidential vote postponed again - SwissInfo

Iran making push into Nicaragua - San Antonio Express-News

Sharif out of Pakistani vote after losing appeal - Los Angeles Times
Two children killed in Pakistan gunbattle - AFP
Extremist group operates openly in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Two officers charged in terrorist's escape: Pakistan police - AFP

Russian general says missiles could target US shield: report - Defense News
Russian nuclear fuel lands in Iran - Los Angeles Times

Ex-British adviser: 'Overblown' al-Qaeda threat wrongly overshadows Global Warming threat - USA Today

December 15, 2007

1. Musharraf ends emergency rule, swears in appointed supreme court as Taliban unite, pool resources and command in Pakistan.

2. France's Sarkozy warns Lebanon of a Monday 'last chance' to elect a president.

3. A report denied by Hizballah asserts that Hassan Nasrallah has been relieved of military command by Iran's Supreme Leader Khameini and replaced.

4. Syria announces solid ties with Iran after Annapolis, arrests 30 domestic political opposition members.

5. The recent arrest of a man tied to Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) may portend growing trend of incursions into other U.S. cities by the extremely violent gang.

6. Hamas warns of new Intifada on terrorist group's 20th anniversary.

7. Australia says no more troops to Afghanistan until Europe increases its share.

Australia Demands Troop Increase by Europe in Afghanistan - icWales
Top NATO general in Afghanistan promises permanent presence in Arghandab - Canadian Press

The New 'Great Game' for Central Asia Riches - AP
Russian atomic power chief hails new plant in China - Forbes
India-Russia-China meet to promote trade ties - The Hindu

Report: Hizballah leader Nasrallah demoted by Khamenei - Jerusalem Post
Khamenei appoints Qassem as Hizballah military commander - Ya Libnan
Hizballah denies reports its chief demoted by Iran - International Herald Tribune

Military, Tribal Successes Could Be Forcing Al-Qaeda To Change Tactics -RFE/RL
Soldier deaths down in Iraq - Seattle Times

Sarkozy warns of Monday's 'last chance' for Lebanon to choose president - AFP
Former Hizballah cleric Fadlallah slams 'rigid' political class, warns of more instability - Beirut Daily Star
Lebanon buries murdered general - Financial Times
Is death the only thing that can bring Lebanon's politicians to the same room? - Beirut Daily Star

Musharraf Lifts Pakistan's State of Emergency - FOX
Pakistani Leader Ends State of Emergency - ABC
Musharraf: Emergency halted destruction - CNN
New Pakistani judges take fresh oath - Khaleej Times
Pakistani Taliban unites under Baitullah Mehsud - Long War Journal
Pakistan suicide bomber kills at least 5 in Nowshera near Peshawar - MSNBC

Hamas warns of Intifada on 20th anniversary - Khaleej Times
Israeli jets strike Gaza after Sderot rocket attack - EuroNews
Hamas: We'll harm Schalit if IDF enters Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Hamas Arrests Aide to Palestinian Prime Minister - New York Times
First Palestinian Policewomen Begin Work in West Bank - AP
Israeli Army Spotters Reduced to Counting Wild Animals - AP
Gaza rally marks Hamas's 20th anniversary - Telegraph

Assad: Syrian-Iranian ties will always be stable - al-Bawaba
Syria's Remote Control - Wall Street Journal
Syria arrests more than 30 political dissenters - Ya Libnan
Bush: Syria must release arrested opposition activists - AFP

Attorney General Mukasey will not release information on CIA tapes - ABC
More border cities see signs of Mara Salvatrucha - El Paso Times

Vietnamese minister invites Iranian companies to participate in development projects - Mathaba News

December 14, 2007

1. Musharraf prepares to lift emergency rule as suspected al-Qaeda assassination plot broken up in Karachi.

2. Anticipating poor election results, Musharraf puts nuclear weapons under presidential control from prime minister.

3. Ayman al-Zawahiri released a statement via al-Qaeda's as-Sahab propaganda apparatus, condemned Annapolis talks as a "betrayal," called Abbas a "traitor."

4. Indicators are suggesting an increase in al-Qaeda's shift into Yemen from Pakistan.

5. Congo fighting and humanitarian crisis surge.

6. Iran calls for an end to UN sanctions as Russia announces resumption of work on Iranian nuclear plant.

Al Qaeda Calls Mideast Talks A 'Betrayal' - CBS
Zawahiri: Annapolis, the Betrayal - ThreatsWatch
Chronology: Messages attributed to Zawahri - Reuters
Algeria bombing prompts question: Can Al-Qaeda spread across North Africa? - CS Monitor

A battered Congo again in convulsions - International Herald Tribune
DR Congo rebel general demands talks with government - AFP
Fighting in Congo Threatens Great Lakes Region - ThreatsWatch

E.U. leaders adopt new Charter, bypass Constitution rejection vote - Washington Post
EU summit gambles on huge Kosovo mission - Guardian
UN Security Council agrees to hear Kosovo Albanians - Reuters

UN should end Iran curbs - Tehran Times
Schedule Fixed for Iranian Atomic Plant - Moscow Times
Russia to Resume Iranian Nuclear Plant Construction - VOA
Iran, IAEA wrap up latest nuclear talks: official - AFP

Pakistan arrests alleged al-Qaeda members in plot to kill Musharraf - M&C
Pakistan President Amends Constitution; Prepares To Lift Emergency Rule - VOA
Musharraf’s Rural Support Seems Less Than He Claims - New York Times
Musharraf assumes nuclear control - BBC
NCA warns against nuclear misadventure - Daily Times

Has Al Qaeda Changed its Base? - Asharq Alawsat
Al-Qaeda's New Base is Yemen - Armies of Liberation
Rolling Backgrounder: Al-Qaeda in Yemen - Armies of Liberation
Backgrounder: Al-Qaeda in Yemen, 2007 - Jamestown Foundation
Backgrounder: Al-Qaeda in Yemen, 2003 - National Review

December 12, 2007

The following is a list of key events from around the globe monitored by ThreatsWatch.

Links, updated as warranted, to these and other reporting are included below the listing.

1. Lebanese Brig. Gen. Francois Hajj and his driver were killed by a car bomb in Beirut. The General was considered a candidate to become chief of the Lebanese military.

2. Three car bombs kill at least 41 in Amarah, Iraq. The bombs, timed to maximize the carnage, have not been claimed as of yet.

3. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) orders Pakistani media to stop "airing live coverage and taking live telephone calls from public which contain baseless propaganda against Pakistan and incite people to violence."

Britain Lays Out Afghanistan Policy - AP
Gates Wants NATO to Reorganize Afghanistan Mission - Bloomberg
US general: We're Working 24/7 to Catch bin Laden - Jerusalem Post

Al-Qaeda Group Says It Carried Out Algeria Bombings - Bloomberg
See Details Reported at ThreatsWatch

Will Bolivia's splits widen in 2008? - BBC
Bolivia Divided Over Constitution and Autonomy Plans - FT

Iraq Bombs Kill, Injure at Least 60 in Southern City of Amara - Bloomberg
Government to Allocate 150 Billion Dinars to Volunteer Security Forces' Salaries - Aswat Aliraq

Car Bomb Kills Lebanese General - AP

James Ibori Arrested in Nigerian Graft Probe

Pakistan's Government Places New Curbs on Media - VOA
Taliban militants impose rule in wild Pakistan region - Chicago Tribune

US, Chinese Officials Begin Trade Talks - VOA
Paulson Indicates China Won't Heed Calls for Faster Yuan Gains - Bloomberg

Pirates Release Tanker and Crew Seized Off Somali Coast - AP
Officials Report 13 Killed in Somalia Attacks - AFP

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), from Darfur, Attacks Chinese Run Oil Field in central Sudan - BBC'

US Repatriates 15 From Guantanamo - AP

Chavez Calls For a Battle of Ideas to Combat U.S. Interference in Latin America - VenezuelAnalysis
Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay launch Banco del Sur, a development bank for South America - FT
Analysis: Venezuela bolsters Belarus ties - UPI

Mugabe claims Zimbabwe 'defeated' Britain at summit: report - AFP
Berlin Summons Zimbabwe Envoy Over Harare's Anti-Merkel Language - VOA

December 11, 2007

The following is a list of key events from around the globe monitored by ThreatsWatch.

Links, updated as warranted, to these and other reporting are included below the listing.

1. Two car bombs were detonated killing at least 62 in Algiers. The first explosion near the Constitutional Council's building, the second between two UN buildings - the UNHCR building and the main UN offices in Algiers.

2. Russian presidential nominee Dmitri Medvedev urges Putin to become Prime Minister.

3. Israeli forces enter the Gaza Strip, reportedly killing five terrorists. The operation is considered the largest incursion since Hamas gained control of Gaza.

Car Bombs in Algerian Capital Kill 45 - AP
Dozens killed in Algeria blasts - CNN
Timeline of Attacks and Bombings in the Maghreb - Reuters
Algeria's Bombings: al-Qaeda Strike at French-Algerian Rapprochement? - CTBlog

Taliban Resistance Over in Afghan Town - AP
NATO, Afghan Forces Retake Taliban Stronghold - VOA

IMF: Palestinian Reform Plan Doable - AP

Iran Opposition: Nuclear Program Resumed - AP
Israelis Brief Top U.S. Official on Iran - NYTimes
CIA has recruited Iranians to defect - LATimes (12/09/07)

Iraqi National Security Advisor Rejects Permanent US Bases - Reuters
Iraq asks U.N. to Renew Mandate for US-led Forces - Washington Post

Israeli Tanks, Bulldozers Move Into Gaza - AP

My Way News - Pakistan Test-Fires Medium-Range Missile - AP

Putin urged to lead government after Kremlin - AFP
Medvedev: Putin Should Be Prime Minister - AP
Putin's Successor Medvedev Promises Him Premier's Job - Bloomberg
Russia's Putin Urged to Assume Premier Post - VOA

US, China Sign Deals to Safeguard Food - AP
US and China in Talks Over Trade Issues - BBC

December 10, 2007

1. Defense Secretary Gates says Iran remains a threat, that "Everywhere you turn, it is the policy of Iran to foment instability and chaos."

2. Tehran denies nuclear weapons program ever existed.

3. Al-Qaeda in Iraq appears to be executing its bombing campaign called for on December 3, police chief in Hilla killed.

4. Lebanon's presidential vote planned for Tuesday, Hizballah building military zones, supply routes.

5. Suicide bomber in Swat kills 9 including children, Nawaz Sharrif rising in domestic political power struggles.

6. Brits, Afghan Army retake Musa Qala in Helmand province's "Opium Bazaar."

Taliban stronghold Musa Qala falls in Helmand Province - Times Online
British and Afghan troops retake Musa Qala - Telegraph
Brown visit as Afghan battle rages - CNN

Iran still a threat to world, says Gates - MSNBC
Bolton calls NIE report on Iran 'quasi-putsch' - Los Angeles Times
Iran 'hoodwinked' CIA over nuclear plans - Telegraph
IAEA Experts back in Tehran - VOA
Tehran: Nuke program never existed - Tehran Times

Roadside bomb kills senior policeman in Iraq - AFP
22 Die in Suicide Attacks in Iraq - AP
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Insurgent-Linked AP Photographer in Iraqi Court - Seattle Times
Britain's Prime Minister Visits Troops in Southern Iraq - VOA

Lebanon parliament petitioned, presidential vote planned Tuesday - AFP
Hizballah creates Military Zone in Bekaa Valley - Ya Libnan
Question purpose of Iran's road in Lebanon - UPI

Suicide bombing in Swat; 2 children among 10 killed - DAWN
Gov't devising framework to lift emergency rule - Daily Times
Sharifs quit boycott camp, to now run in elections - DAWN

Hamas to Rice: We want dialogue with US - Jerusalem Post
Saudis welcome Khaled Meshal in bid to broker new Hamas-Fatah talks - Haaretz
Muslim gunmen target Christian in Gaza - Jerusalem Post

Another Move In Putin's Power Play: Supports Medvedev as Successor - ABC
Medvedev's ascent owed to Putin, called a 'lackey' - IHT

Syria sees isolation fading after Annapolis - Reuters

December 7, 2007

1. Senators planning a commission to review the latest NIE on Iran as NATO envoys support call for Iran sanctions.

2. Secretary of Defense Gates encouraged in Iraq visit, but says Marines will stay in Anbar vice shift to Afghanistan.

3. Former Pakistani PM Bhutto threatens mass movement and demonstrations if Musharraf does not guarantee free, fair, transparent January 8 elections.

4. Though vote today is still planned, few in Beirut expect Lebanese parliament to avoid another delay in selecting president.

5. Sarkozy seeks renewed ties with Algeria in three-day visit.

6. IDF suspects Hamas upgrades rocket arsenal as attacks on Sderot in Israel continue.

Pentagon eyes China nuke talks - Washington Times

Package Bomb Kills 1 in Paris - New York Times
Two arrested in France over suspected Basque separatist ETA shooting - AFP
Sarkozy campaigns for renewed ties with Algeria - National Post

Review of Iran Intelligence to Be Sought - Washington Post
IDF to show US nuclear data on Iran - Jerusalem Post
NATO Envoys Back Rice In Urging Iran Sanctions - Washington Post
Russia spurns U.S. sanction push - Washington Times
NIE Report on Iran Likely To Have Fallout at U.N. - New York Sun
Ahmadinejad: rock star in rural Iran - Christian Science Monitor
Iran: Women Reject The 'Little Miseries' - Radio Free Europe

Gates Leaves Iraq Encouraged - New York Times
Gates: Marines will stay put in Iraq, for now - Christian Science Monitor

Defense officials concerned as Hamas upgrades Qassam arsenal - Haaretz
Another day, another Palestinian bombardment - Financial Times

Lebanon's Partliament Plans to Select President Friday - VOA

Pakistan Opposition to Set Musharraf Deadline for Vote Demands - Bloomberg
US Official Defends Aid to Pakistan - VOA
Pakistan crisis leaves Kashmir peace process in limbo - Daily Times

December 6, 2007

1. The Pakistani Army reports that security forces have overrun two pro-Taliban towns in northern Pakistan causing militant forces to flee.

2. U.S. plan to base ground-based missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic to protect Europe may be key NIE casualty.

3. Expected Lebanese Parliament election of new president on Friday may be delayed yet again.

4. France and Germany say Iranian nuclear program still a threat while Ahmadinejad declares NIE a "victory for Iran."

5. President Bush writes letter to Kim Jong Il on prospect of normalized relations between the United States and North Korea.

Europe's Missile Shield: NIE Casualty? - TIME

Ahmadinejad: U.S. intelligence report a victory for Iran - Tehran Times
France and Germany say Iran's nuclear program still a danger - International Herald Tribune

French FM fails to end impasse in Lebanon - al-Bawaba
Go home or go to jail, Lebanon tells Iraqi refugees - Times Online

Bush Writes to North Korean Leader - New York Times

Over the past two days, troops have swept into the towns of Khawazakhela and Matta in Swat district, a former tourist destination, where supporters of fugitive cleric Maulana Fazlullah have taken up arms since July.

December 4, 2007

1. In the wake of NIE on Iranian nuclear development programs, UN sanctions are questioned by China, while Russian President Putin notes Iran's cooperation with the IAEA.

2. GCC members conclude meeting with call for peace with Iran, continued progress on monetary union, cross-border residency and business rights and the introduction of a common market.

3. Afghan officials, meeting with Defense Secretary Gates, request more military aid and security training forces to combat the Taliban insurgency.

4. Israel announces plans to build 307 new homes in east Jerusalem neighborhood. Palestinian Authority negotiator sends complaint to Secretary of State Rice.

Additional coverage includes: Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Thailand, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

Afghan Officials Ask for More US Military Aid - VOA
U.S. Senses a Rise in Activity by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan - NYTimes

Egypt Detains 11 Muslim Brotherhood Members - Reuters

GCC members urge peace with Iran - BBC

Russia's Putin Says Iran Cooperating with IAEA - Forbes
China: US Intelligence on Iran Nuclear Program Raises Questions About UN Sanctions - IHT

Iraqi Kidnappers Threaten to Kill British Men - Telegraph
12 Bodies Unearthed in Iraq Mass Grave - AP
US Identifies Abu Maysara, a Top Aide of AQI Leader Abu Ayyb al-Masri, Killed Last Month - The Times

Israel to Build 300 Homes in East Jerusalem - AP

ExxonMobil Vessel Attacked, One Person Killed - VOA

Somali President Hospitalized in Kenya - AP

Bomb Kills 6 in Southern Thailand - AP

Turkish Soldiers Kill 6 Kurdish Rebels - AP

US to Impose Sanctions on 38 with Mugabe Ties - AP

December 3, 2007

1. Chavez loses "President for Life" amendment attempt at Venezuela polls.

2. US suspects Pakistani centrifuges sold to North Korea by AQ Khan ended up in Syria.

3. Fairness of Putin's landslide victory in Russian polls doubted.

4. Former PM Nawaz Sharif banned from the ballot in Pakistan while former PM Benazir Bhutto campaigns in the NorthWest Frontier Province.

5. While Israel releases over 400 Fatah prisoners to Abbas in the West Bank, US withdraws UN statement proposal on Annapolis.

6. Iranian nuclear negotiations seen as 'back to square one,' China supports third round of sanctions.

7. Lebanon's March 14 majority officially endorses Lebanese Army commander for president.

Rise in Western-looking recruits training in terrorist camps - NY Daily News
Australian inmates organize, studying al-Qaeda manual in prisons - Sydney Morning Herald

Iranian Pushes Nuclear Talks Back to Square 1 - New York Times
US, China concur on more Iran sanctions - Jerusalem Post
China banks restrict trade credit to Iran firms-report - Guardian
Iran sanctions help China, Russia Companies - Times of India

Israel Releases 429 Palestinian Captives to Abbas - Washington Post
Olmert won't commit to Annapolis timetable - Jerusalem Post
U.S. Withdraws Draft On Mideast at U.N. - Washington Post
Joint Understanding Read by President Bush at Annapolis Conference - State Department

Lebanese parliamentary majority formally nominates army chief president - Canadian Press
Hizballah in Beirut driver's seat - Middle East Times
Mubarak says Annapolis could lead to peace including Syria, Lebanon - Jerusalem Post

Sharif Barred From Pakistan Election - New York Times
Bhutto campaigns in NWFP, Notes terror risk to nuclear weapons - The Australian
Calculating the Risks in Pakistan - Washington Post
Balkanisation a grave threat, warns Bhutto: Failure in FATA will invite foreign troops - DAWN
Pakistan's Opposition Split on Parliamentary Elections - VOA

Fraud claims mar Putin's poll triumph - The Australian
Putin defends Russian poll as 'legitimate' - EuroNews
Europe urges Russia to probe alleged election fraud - Reuters
Opinion: Democracy Biggest Loser in Russian Elections - Deutsche Welle

U.S. suspects Pakistan centrifuges ended in Syria via North Korea - Washington Times
Iran Says Ties With Syria Rock Solid After Annapolis - AP
US General Credits Syria for Drop in Foreign Fighter Influx to Iraq - International Herald Tribune

Chavez power bid rejected by people - The Age
Chavez Tastes Defeat Over Reforms - TIME
In pictures: Chavez referendum defeat - BBC

December 1, 2007

1. As many as 14 Iraqi citizens killed in an al-Qaeda attack on the predominately Shi'a village of Duwailiya north of Baquba.

2. Turk forces reportedly attacked a group of "50 to 60" PKK members in northern Iraq.

3. Dutch government extends mission in Afghanistan until 2010.

4. Pakistani forces launch fresh operations in Swat valley. Reports indicate 5 insurgent/terrorists killed and as many as 3 dozen arrested.

5. After being sworn in as President, Musharraf sets date for end of state of emergency - December 16th.

6. US reports has evidence of North Korean purchase of centrifuges used in uranium enrichment efforts. Also adds new conditions for DPRK removal from listing of terrorism sponsors.

7. Egypt has held talks with Iran over the possible import of Iranian wheat. Signals possible "new phase of economic relations between Egypt and Iran."

Dutch troops to stay in Afghanistan until 2010 - AFP

Egypt talks with Iran over possible wheat imports - Reuters

French Official: Third Iran Sanctions Resolution Near - AP

Al-Qaeda attack on Duwailiya kills 14 villagers. - BBC
Turks attack PKK in northern Iraq - AP

U.S. says has proof of N.Korea uranium program - Washington Post
US adds conditions for North Korean removal from listing of terrorism sponsors - AFP

New operations against militant positions in Swat - Kuna
Pakistan's Sharif Says He's No Extremist - AP
Musharraf Sets Date for End of Emergency Rule - NYTimes

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