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November 30, 2007

1. Usama bin Laden's message to the Europeans was published in jihadi forums in the overnight. He warned Europe once more to withdraw from Afghanistan.

2. Vladimir Putin has signed a law suspending Russia's participation in the post-cold war Conventional Forces in Europe treaty in response to US and European missile defense plans.

3. European election observers have been withdrawn from Russia's December 2 elections as Putin warns the West “not to stick its snotty nose in Russia's affairs.”

4. Nawaz Sharif has vowed a boycott of the coming January elections by his allies and says the ball is now in Benazir Bhutto's hands to join him.

5. Under new COAS General Kiyani, the Pakistani Army will reportedly continue to work with the United States against al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the tribal regions, despite domestic Pakistani opposition.

6. A Colombian raid on FARC has netted a seized video that shows US hostages and a former presidential candidate still alive and bound.

7. The US Navy says that Iran's IRGC is now patrolling the Persian Gulf since the Iranian navy shifted to the Strait of Hormuz, spots two Iranian submarines.

8. A Fatah official said that if the IDF enters Gaza, Fatah will fight alongside Hamas and put aside their differences.

Bin Laden: Message to the European Peoples (Audio) - ThreatsWatch
Bin Laden Warns Europe to End Afghan Missions - Deutsche Welle
Afghan government calls Osama Bin Laden's comment 'ridiculous' - International Herald Tribune
Harlem doctor gets 25 years for offering to serve as Al Qaeda medic - NY Daily News

Japan Cancels Aegis-ship tour by Chinese after U.S. spy concerns - Daily Yomiuri
China says ties with US damaged amid naval row - AFP

Seized Video, Letters Shows U.S. Hostages Alive in Colombia after FARC Raid - ABC

Iran's Revolutionary Guards patrol Persian Gulf, U.S. says - CNN
U.S. cruiser spots 2 Iranian subs in Gulf - Navy Times

Iraq Lacks Plan to Absorb Returning Refugees, US Military Says - New York Times
Shoot-out between Saddam’s spy and al-Qaeda brings life back to streets - Times Online

Fatah says will join ranks with Hamas if IDF enters Gaza - Jerusalem Post

Lebanon postpones vote on president one more week - The Australian
Maronite Leader Walid Jumblat Supports Election of General Suleiman - Naharnet

Pak Army defiant, continues US cooperation, despite Pakistan's divide - Asia Times
Pakistan Opposition Divided Over Poll - FOX
Ex-leader Sharif to boycott Pakistani elections - USA Today
Boycott ball now in BB’s court: Decision to stay away unanimous, says Nawaz - Dawn
Bhutto Says She May Review Decision to Contest Ballot - Bloomberg
Pakistan's Bhutto launches election manifesto - Forbes

Putin suspends Russian participation in CFE Treaty - Canadian Press
Europe Observers Withdrawn from the Dec. 2 Elections - Kommersant Moscow

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