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November 27, 2007

1. President Bush meets with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Abbas before today's Annapolis Summit opening. Regional expectations from the talks remain low.

2. Al-Qaeda's media wing, As-Sahab, has announced a new forthcoming message from bin Laden to the Europeans. Last week a European al-Qaeda cell released a video threat to Germany and Austria read and subtitled in German.

3. Saudi Arabia has freed approximately 1,500 imprisoned al-Qaeda terrorists saying that they have been successfully "reformed" through counseling. The freed terrorists agreed as a condition of their release not to engage in terrorist activities.

4. French rioting in Paris suburbs continues, which has been characterized by police officials as worse than 2005. A union head said that immigrant youths have shot at police using handguns and rifles with 77 officers injured last night.

5. Musharraf bids ceremonial farewell to Army troops as he prepares to retire from his military post and take the oath as Pakistan's civilian president on Thursday.

1,500 Qaeda Members Freed by Saudi Arabia After Counseling - New York Sun
Al-Qaeda to release new message from bin Laden aimed at Europeans - SD Union-Tribune
Last Week: Germany & Austria Issued al-Qaeda Video Threat - ThreatsWatch

Israeli, Palestinian officials work on joint agreement for summit - CNN
In Middle East, low expectations - Seattle Times

French Riots in Paris Suburbs Spread; Cars, Library Torched - Bloomberg
Youths, police clash near Paris a 2nd night - Los Angeles Times
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Riots in Paris suburbs replayed - BBC

Iran unveils new long-range missile claiming 2,000km range - Guardian

Pakistan's Musharraf bids farewell to arms - AFP
Pakistan's Musharraf to take oath as civilian president Thursday - Forbes
Pakistan Editorial: Finally, boots on ground in Swat - Daily Times
Army says its attacks leave 15 militants dead in Pakistan's Swat valley - International Herald Tribune

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