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November 26, 2007

1. Lebanon looks now to this Friday to fill its vacant presidency with the parliament set to convene then for a vote. While the two sides are no closer to agreement, there have been no violent clashes since Emil Lahoud stepped down.

2. Hizballah supporters with ties to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have been arrested in the United States, suspected of funding the Lebanese terrorist group through cigarette and liquor black market enterprises and collecting cash contributions from abroad.

3. After announcing an anti-Annapolis conference to be held in Gaza, Hamas has now made fresh threats of increasing violence against Israel and Fatah in the West Bank and Gaza.

4. The al-Qaeda insurgency in Pakistan continues as a weekend bombing at Pakistan's military headquarters. The car bomber attempted to use learned hand signals to access a compound entrance used by Pakistani generals.

5. The US Military said that last week's market bombing in Baghdad that killed 15 was the work of Iran-supported 'special groups,' adding that the intent was to appear as an al-Qaeda attack. Four were apprehended.

6. A Venezuelan poll shows that Hugo Chavez has lost his lead in seeking referendum on exempting himself from term limits, though actual voter turnout is in question.

7. Former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif arrived back in his native Pakistan after years of exile following Musharraf's 1999 bloodless coup. He is poised for the most domestic political gain going forward.

8. A collision between a French police car and a motorcycle that resulted in the deaths of two Muslim youths not wearing helmets has sparked another round of riots in Paris suburbs.

Tension rises as Hamas threatens fresh bloodshed - UK Independent
Arabs seek to boost Abbas against Hamas at US talks - Khaleej Times
Palestinian Authority releases three Hamas prisoners - Jerusalem Post
President Bush to Meet Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Ahead of Mideast Conference - VOA
Annapolis Summit 'Not a Negotiating Session' - White House
Gazans fed up with harsh circumstances - Xinhua
Iran rebukes Saudi Arabia over Mideast conference - AFP
Syria Is Focus of Attention at Annapolis - The New York Sun

AFP: New riots shock France
French Youths Clash With Police - New York Times
In pictures: Paris suburbs riots - BBC

Indian authorities hunt bombers after blasts - Daily Times

Shiites bombed market, U.S. says - Seattle Times
Iran dimisses US accusations over recent Baghdad blasts - Jerusalem Post
Iraqi Shiite Leader Defends Iran - AP
Baath Reconciliation Bill Draws Anger of Shiite Bloc - Washington Post
'Awakening' in Iraq [Sahwa al-Iraq] Signals Citizens' Rise Against al Qaeda - US Army

Lebanon: Once More to the Brink - TIME
Saniora in Poll Vow - Gulf Daily News
Hizballah Adds New Demand in Lebanon - Associated Press
Hizballah says Lebanon left with no executive - AFP
Hizballah recruits thousands in Lebanon crisis - Telegraph
Syria's role at Annapolis talks may help Lebanon - Christian Science Monitor

U.S. diplomat staying in N. Korea for nuclear work - USA Today
Analysis: Japan uneasy over warming U.S.-North Korea ties - UPI
'North Korea, Syria debated chemical arms' - Jerusalem Post

Former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif Returns to Boisterous Homecoming - VOA
Jihadis Strike at Pak Army & ISI Again - SAAG
Pakistan Bombers Kill Despite Crackdown - ABC
Two Rawalpindi blast suspects arrested - Dawn
Musharraf to hang up uniform on 29th: AG - DAWN

PAKISTAN - The Return of Nawaz Sharif
Sharifs finally home - Nawaz demand restoration of pre-November judiciary - DAWN
Sharif Registers for Pakistan Polls - Associated Press
Sharif rules out Musharraf pact - Guardian
Bhutto, Sharif take potshots at each other - The Hindu
Bhutto ready for Sharif alliance - RTE
Sharif Says He Won't Boycott Vote If Emergency Ends - Bloomberg
Opposition’s decision to boycott polls not final yet: Bhutto - DAWN

Russia Pursues Crackdown - Washington Post
Putin blames US for election monitors' boycott - Forbes
Russian presidential polls officially set for March 2 - RIA Novosti

Hizballah supporters in US police custody - Kuwait Times

Poll says Chavez loses Venezuela referendum lead - Reuters
Turnout of anti-Ch疱ez voters is questionable - Miami Herald
Colombia-Venezuela relations head towards deep freeze - Guardian

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