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November 23, 2007

1. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will now return to Pakistan from exile within the week, raising questions of whether Musharraf made a deal in his recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

2. Seized 'al-Qaeda in Iraq rolodex' shows 60% of foreign fighters are from Saudi Arabia and Libya.

3. Staunch US ally John Howard faces predicted electoral defeat in Australian elections and his opponent seeks to withdraw from Iraq and pressure the US to ratify the Kyoto environmental accords.

4. The Lebanese political crisis deepens as no presidential candidate can be agreed upon. Parliament must vote by midnight in Beirut and some Lebanese are bracing for violence.

5. Rafsanjani ally criticizes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for accusing former nuclear negotiator of treachery and treason.

6. Hamas plans an anti-Annapolis conference in Gaza, while an Israeli mayor seeks to sue Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in the International Criminal Courts.

7. Unusual US softness on North Korean human rights abuses and its sheltering of Japanese Red Army terrorists indicates unwillingness to jeopardize nuclear deal.

Australian Elections Too Close to Call: Latest Poll - Sydney Morning Herald
Australia's federal election at a glance - International Herald Tribune
Australia's Next Prime Minister? - TIME
Rudd plans changes to key policies including Iraq, Kyoto - CNN
Dirty tricks row hits Howard's final plea - Telegraph

Iran's expanding influence - Al-Ahram Weekly
Iran's ex-nuke negotiator criticizes Ahmadinejad's accusations of treachery - AP
IAEA 'Wants More' From Iran - New York Times

'Al Qaeda rolodex' show 60% of Foreign Fighters from Saudi Arabia, Libya - CNN
29 killed as al Qaeda in Iraq attacks Sunnis, Shiites - CNN
President Bush Presses Congress for Iraq War Funding - VOA
Ex-Iraq Commander Sanchez Endorses Troop Pull Out - AP

Lebanon president deadline looms: Midnight - BBC
Divided Lebanon braced for violence - Guardian
Lebanon crisis marks milestone in Christian decline - Reuters
Syria Is Accused of Blocking a Deal on a New Lebanon President - New York Times
Analysis: Does Syria want peace? - Jerusalem Post

Will the US Remove North Korea from State Sponsors of Terrorism List? - Japan Times
S.Korea, U.S. Go Easy on N.Korea Human Rights - Chosun Ilbo
North Korea criticizes UN committee's draft resolution on human rights - International Herald Tribune
More North Korea Nuclear Talks May Be Held Dec. 6-8 - Bloomberg

Musharraf-appointed court dismisses last challenge to re-election - Daily Times
Exiled former prime minister Nawaz Sharif plans return to Pakistan - Kansas City Star
Did Musharraf make a deal? Shadow over Sharifs’ homecoming - DAWN
Report: Bomb That Killed 170 in Pakistan Was Strapped to a 1-Year-Old Child - FOX

Hamas plans anti-Annapolis conference in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
ZAKA, Sderot mayor suing Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal - Jerusalem Post
Israel to start gradually reducing Gaza power supply December 2 - Haaretz

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