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November 21, 2007

1. Iraqi refugees returning at a rate of about 1,000 per day as Iraqis note significant security improvements.

2. As Musharraf returns from Saudi Arabia, Pakistani opposition parties say fair polls in the announced elections cannot be ensured.

3. Ahmadinejad reassures that Iran "will not give the slightest concession" to its enemies regarding its nuclear program.

4. Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez advised Europe not to follow US path on Iran, calling charges "another big lie by the imperialist government."

5. With the election of Lebanon's next president delayed once more, the army has taken defensive positions around government buildings as Lebanese fear looming chaos.

6. Tensions rising in Somalia, Ethiopia urges quick deployment of peacekeeping forces.

7. Germany, Austria threatened in al-Qaeda video, moderate German Muslims derided, withdrawal of German and Austrian troops from Afghanistan demanded.

8. Russia agrees to provide nuclear technology to Egypt as Putin slams the West.

9. Egypt hosting Arab talks ahead of next week's Annapolis Summit on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

10. Musharraf may quit Army Chief of Staff post by Saturday, turning over to Lt. General Pervez Ashfaq Kiyani.

Iraqis return home 'in thousands' - BBC
Baghdad voices: Improved security - BBC
Car Bomb in Ramadi Kills 6 - AGI News
For Petraeus, a Balancing Act - Wall Street Journal
Petraeus Excerpts: 'This Is Not a Light Switch' - Wall Street Journal
Coalition Forces Kill Top Mosul al-Qaida Leader, Find Weapons, Detain Five - MNF-I

Musharraf May Quit Army by Saturday - Guardian
So Who Is Lt. General Pervez Ashfaq Kiyani? - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan Parties Say Observers Can't Ensure Fair Poll - Bloomberg

Ahmadinejad rules out Iran nuclear concessions - Africasia
Venezuela's Chavez warns Europeans not to side with US on Iran nuclear standoff - IHT

Lebanon delays president vote, tightens security - Boston Globe
Lebanon girds for chaos as factional rift deepens - Globe and Mail
A powder keg in Lebanon - Los Angeles Times

Ethiopia urges quick deployment of peacekeepers in Somalia - Shabelle
Tensions Grow in Somalia - VOA
Video of Shabaab (Somalia Mujahideen Youth Movement) November 8 Operations - ThreatsWatch
UN Split Over Somalia Peacekeeping Force - BBC
Somalia Crisis Dubbed Worse Than Darfur - CBS

Video/Transcript: Germany & Austria Issued al-Qaeda Video Threat - ThreatsWatch
New Islamist Video Threatens Germany, Austria - Deutsche Welle

Egypt: Russia agrees to provide nuclear know-how - Reuters
Russia to supply 30 Tu-204 planes to Iran - RIA Novosti
Vladimir Putin Lashes Out at West - Guardian

Arabs show skepticism ahead of Mideast peace gathering - IHT
Arab Leaders Pessimistic About Summit - The Forward
Egypt to host Arab leaders ahead of Annapolis Summit - IHT
Israel sets timeline for peace with Palestinians - Times
FACTBOX - Olmert and Abbas: The Distance Between Them - Reuters
Terrorist attacks and the propaganda campaign to undermine the Annapolis meeting - IICC

Former President Chirac targeted in corruption probe - MSNBC

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