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November 20, 2007

1. Security improves in Baghdad as Coalition forces continue sweeps elsewhere for al-Qaeda in Iraq.

2. China refuses to include India, Australia and New Zealand into ASEAN organization.

3. Musharraf headed to Saudi Arabia amid speculation of talks with exiled former PM Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz rejected the idea.

4. Information from Pakistan at premium as Pak media walks tight rope under emergency. 100 protesting journalists arrested in Karachi.

5. Iran accepts offer for talks with US on Iraq security.

6. Lebanese parliamentary vote on new President delayed to Friday with no compromise candidate emerging.

7. Secret IRI poll in Cuba finds no confidence in Castro, 74% want elections for new leadership.

Baghdad Starts to Exhale as Security Improves - New York Times
Iraqis Joining Insurgency Less for Cause Than Cash - Washington Post
Al Qaeda shifts to northern, eastern Iraq: general - AFP
Shackled bodies found in al-Qaeda in Iraq prison camp - Reuters

India, Australia and New Zealand snubbed by ASEAN exclusion - Bloomberg
China cautions about new Iran sanctions - International Herald Tribune
China Blasts US Congressional Security Report - Associated Pres

Elections January 8, Musharraf set to quit post with military - Seattle Times
'Thousands released' in Pakistan, But Journalists Arrested - BBC
Nawaz Sharif scorns idea of talks with Musharraf - DAWN

Iran Accepts Offer for Talks With U.S. on Iraqi Security - FOX News
Analysis: Iran's secret Syrian plan - Middle East Times

Lebanon presidential vote set to be postponed to Friday - AFP
Lebanon still in political deadlock - Los Angeles Times

Poll: Cubans want elections for new leader, think Castro gov't can't fix problems - USA Today
Cuba Moncada 2007 Drills for 'War of All People' - Prensa Latina
Venezuela, Cuba Preparing to Bring Cienfuegos Refinery Online - Bloomberg

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