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November 19, 2007

1. Reported sectarian violence in Pakistan's NWFP leaves 100+ dead. Artillery and gunship helicopters continued pounding the bases of militants loyal to rebel Swat cleric Maulana Fazlullah.

2. Pakistan's remaining supreme court dismisses challenges to Musharraf election, Musharraf says country more important than Democracy.

3. US reportedly to engage tribes against al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

4. Israel approves prisoner release.

5. Chavez tells OPEC to use oil to curb 'imperialism', follows Ahmadinejad's calling dollar "worthless piece of paper".

6. Attacks in Iraq down to February 2006 levels (pre-attack on Golden Dome in Samarra).

U.S. Says Attacks in Iraq Fell to Feb. 2006 Level - NY Times
Half-Ton Weapons Cache Found, Destroyed Following Iraqi Citizens’ Tip - MNF-I
Iraq says the worst is over in Baghdad - LA Times

Israel Approves Release of 441 Prisoners - AP

'Egypt allowing Hamas to amass arms' - Jerusalem Post

Chavez Tells OPEC to Use Politics, Curb `Imperialism' - Bloomberg
Iran leader dismisses US currency - BBC

Sectarian clashes leave over 100 dead in NW Pakistan's tribal area - Xinhua
Court dismisses petitions against Musharraf - CNN
US plans to train Pakistani tribes to fight Al-Qaeda, Taliban: report - AFP
US envoy brought ‘nothing new’: FO - Daily Times
Musharraf: country more important than democracy - DAWN
Heavy militant casualties in Swat - Daily Times
Helicopters strafe militants’ bases in Swat, Shangla - DAWN
U.S. Hopes to Use Pakistani Tribes Against Al Qaeda - NY Times

Over the weekend, Ugandan peacekeepers attacked in Somalia - AFP

Zimbabwe Government Accuses Britain of Invasion Plot - VOA

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