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November 16, 2007

1. Assistant Secretary of State John Negroponte is in Pakistan today to discuss ending the state of emergency.

2. Fighting continues in Afghanistan as US looks for alternative supply routes to reliance on a shaky Pakistan.

3. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei has submitted his report on Iran to the Security Council.

4. Turkish General says preparations underway for attack into Iraq against PKK.

5. Congressional Commission on China accuses Chinese of "large scale industrial espionage campaign."

Negroponte expected in Pakistan today - The Hindu
Bhutto urges Pakistan opposition to unite - Detroit Free Press
'My Aunt Benazir's false promises' - Los Angeles Times
NDTV.com: Pakistan interim PM sworn-in - NDTV
Army claims Pakistan rebel deaths in offensive - BBC
Secretary of State Rice on Pakistan (with audio) - VOA

U.S. Looks at Afghan Supply Lines That Skip Pakistan - Defense News
25 suspected Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan operations - International Herald Tribune
Taliban Militants Kill English Teacher in Afghanistan - VOA

Report Raises New Doubts on Iran Nuclear Program - New York Times
IAEA: Iran Not Open About Nuke Program - AP
Iran wants Western apology after IAEA report - Reuters
EU's Solana to file key Iran nuclear report with or without new talks - AFP
Israel preparing for nuclear Teheran - Jerusalem Post
Former top Iranian nuke envoy arrested as 'British spy' - The Australian

Turkish Commander Says Turkey Preparing for Cross-Border Operation in Iraq - FOX
Roadside bombs on wane in Iraq - Seattle Times
AQI on the run, but latest shows car bombs still a threat - VOA
State Dept. Won't Order Diplomats to Iraq - Washington Post
Iran honors pledge to stem weapons flow into Iraq, general says - Boston Globe

US accuses China of vast industrial spying - Telegraph
US-China Economic and Security Review Commission calls Chinese spying a threat - Boston Globe
Dissidents in China still fear Internet police despite Yahoo! pledge - Times Online

Israeli Attorney General OKs cuts to Gaza's electricity - Jerusalem Post
Russia Assures: Syria will be at Annapolis - Kommersant Moscow

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