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November 15, 2007

1. Musharraf to dissolve Parliament today ahead of elections as US maintains state of emergency must end.

2. Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda arrives in America today for a three day visit and will meet with President Bush tomorrow.

3. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert demands Palestinian recognition of Israel while Palestinian Authority President Abbas calls for the defeat of Hamas in Gaza.

4. A new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran is expected to be completed shortly, but it will not be made public.

5. IAEA chief ElBaradei delays submitting Iran nuclear report.

6. President Bush warns Syria on meddling in the Lebanese elections.

Pakistan to Dissolve Parliament Ahead of Elections - Bloomberg
US wants end to Pakistan emergency, Musharraf says no - Hindustan Times
White House Repeats Calls For Pakistan's Musharraf to Lift Emergency Rule - VOA
Boys killed in Pakistan fighting - CNN
Hurdles in uniting Pakistani opposition - Los Angeles Times

Abbas Calls for Hamas Overthrow in Gaza - AP
Olmert firm on Israel recognition - JTA
U.S. diplomat: Palestinian security forces have made progress in restoring order in Nablus - Int'l Herald Tribune
US presses Israel to halt Jewish settlements - Telegraph

Iran threat assessment won't be released, intelligence chief says - CNN
Former Iran negotiator charged with spying for UK - Independent
Germany to urge business to loosen Iran links - MSNBC

ElBaradei delays to refer report on Iran's nuclear issues - Xinhua
Reports to rate Iran nuclear compliance - Los Angeles Times
Jerusalem says Solana could trump ElBaradei - Jerusalem Post
US, Britain, France asking tough questions about Iran's nuclear activities - International Herald Tribune

Bush says Lebanese election should be free of meddling by Syria - International Herald Tribune
Syria to attend upcoming Mideast summit - Jerusalem Post
Syria's Baath: Lebanon Threatened by Split after French Initiative Failed - Naharnet
Hariri Accuses Syria of Seeking to Destroy French Initiative - Naharnet

May Deploy Nuclear Missiles to Belarus - Telagraph
Pulls Last Troops from Georgia - VOA

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