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November 14, 2007

1. Friction continues in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah, with many Palestinians openly angry at Iranian support for Hamas.

2. Iran has handed the IAEA nuclear bomb blueprints demanded but stopped short of other compliance.

3. While Bhutto remains under house arrest, Pakistan's cricket-hero-turned-opposition-politician Imran Khan has been arrested.

4. Hizballah-linked illegal immigrant pleads guilty to charges in FBI/CIA mole case.

5. North Korean and South Korean prime ministers meet for talks in Seoul.

Hamas carries out mass arrests and puts down Gaza schoolgirl demo - Times Online
More anti-Iran anger in Palestinian protests against Hamas - Haaretz
Hamas tightens restrictions on Gaza journalists following Fatah rally - Jerusalem Post

Iran hands over nuclear warhead blueprints - USA Today
Iran Issues Interpol Arrest Warrants for Argentines - Wall Street Journal

Bhutto Calls It Off with Musharraf - TIME
Pakistan Corps Commanders Oppose Deal with Benazir - South Asia Analysis Group
Cricket legend seized in Pakistan - CNN
Opposition leader seized in Pakistan - International Herald Tribune
Musharraf Tells AP Will Quit Army This Month - AP

Ex-FBI Agent Accused Of Security Breach - CBS
Hizballah's Penetration of the FBI, CIA - Counterterrorism Blog
xProuty Case Shows Citizenship the 'Keys to the Kingdom' - Counterterrorism Blog

Inter-Korean Talks - The Korea Times
Inter-Korean Prime Ministers' Talks to Focus on Business - Chosun Ilbo
China Development Bank denies 10 billion dollar fund in North Korea - AFP
DPRK aid to Syria could spark fire in Middle East - The Daily Yomiuri

US informs Nigeria of plan to set up military command in Africa - Defense News

Canadian chosen to head probe into Hariri killing - Globe & Mail
France's FM mediates among feuding Lebanese ahead of vote for president - International Herald Tribune
High Times in the Bekaa Valley - Globe & Mail

New Jihadi manual rejects militant violence in Arab-Islamic world - AKI
UK Report Warns of Al-Qaeda Mass-Casualty Aims - Mirror

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