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November 13, 2007

1. Bomb detonated outside Philippine Congress, injuring several and damaging the building.

2. It was announced that Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte will be visiting Pakistan as early as this week to discuss the situation.

3. Bhutto ends talks with Musharraf, calls for Pakistani president to step down.

4. British Prime Minister to push for tougher sanctions on Iran.

5. Hamas said to be 'losing grip' in Gaza, Fatah gaining support.

6. IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei is expected to deliver his report on the Iranian nuclear program to the UN Security Council this week, as early as today.

7. Turkey sends helicopters to attack PKK Kurdish rebel positions in northern Iraq.

Explosion rocks Philippines lower house, 2 lawmakers injured – MSNBC
Philippine left-wing groups had filed impeachment complaint against president - Canadian Press
Lawmaker dead in Philippine House blast - UPI

US diplomat Negroponte to visit Pakistan – Forbes
No more talks with Musharraf: Bhutto - Daily Times
'I am calling for Gen. Musharraf to step down, to quit, to leave' - Washington Post
Army takes charge of Swat operation from FC paramilitary forces - Daily Times
Musharraf's Army Losing Ground in Insurgent Areas - Washington Post
Gunmen fire at Pakistan police stations during protest - Reuters

British forces to capitalize on Taliban 'split' - Telegraph
British SAS troops target Taliban drug trade - The Herald

Britain's Brown calls for tougher stance on Iran, Pakistan – IHT
Merkel and Sarkozy agree on Iran sanctions strategy - IHT

Iraq military announces easing of Baghdad restrictions - Boston Globe
Turkey attacks PKK targets in Iraq with helicopter gunships - BBC
U.S. Military Begins Reversing Iraq Troop Surge - FoxNews

Analysis: Hamas losing grip on Gaza, Fatah gaining support - Haaretz
Hamas Cracks Down on Fatah in Gaza Strip - VOA
Shin Bet: Dozens of Fatah fugitives pardoned - Jerusalem Post
Egypt has uncovered 60 border tunnels to Gaza in 10 months - IHT

Nigeria says al-Qaeda operatives arrested - CS Monitor

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