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November 30, 2007

1. Usama bin Laden's message to the Europeans was published in jihadi forums in the overnight. He warned Europe once more to withdraw from Afghanistan.

2. Vladimir Putin has signed a law suspending Russia's participation in the post-cold war Conventional Forces in Europe treaty in response to US and European missile defense plans.

3. European election observers have been withdrawn from Russia's December 2 elections as Putin warns the West “not to stick its snotty nose in Russia's affairs.”

4. Nawaz Sharif has vowed a boycott of the coming January elections by his allies and says the ball is now in Benazir Bhutto's hands to join him.

5. Under new COAS General Kiyani, the Pakistani Army will reportedly continue to work with the United States against al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the tribal regions, despite domestic Pakistani opposition.

6. A Colombian raid on FARC has netted a seized video that shows US hostages and a former presidential candidate still alive and bound.

7. The US Navy says that Iran's IRGC is now patrolling the Persian Gulf since the Iranian navy shifted to the Strait of Hormuz, spots two Iranian submarines.

8. A Fatah official said that if the IDF enters Gaza, Fatah will fight alongside Hamas and put aside their differences.

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Japan Cancels Aegis-ship tour by Chinese after U.S. spy concerns - Daily Yomiuri
China says ties with US damaged amid naval row - AFP

Seized Video, Letters Shows U.S. Hostages Alive in Colombia after FARC Raid - ABC

Iran's Revolutionary Guards patrol Persian Gulf, U.S. says - CNN
U.S. cruiser spots 2 Iranian subs in Gulf - Navy Times

Iraq Lacks Plan to Absorb Returning Refugees, US Military Says - New York Times
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Fatah says will join ranks with Hamas if IDF enters Gaza - Jerusalem Post

Lebanon postpones vote on president one more week - The Australian
Maronite Leader Walid Jumblat Supports Election of General Suleiman - Naharnet

Pak Army defiant, continues US cooperation, despite Pakistan's divide - Asia Times
Pakistan Opposition Divided Over Poll - FOX
Ex-leader Sharif to boycott Pakistani elections - USA Today
Boycott ball now in BB’s court: Decision to stay away unanimous, says Nawaz - Dawn
Bhutto Says She May Review Decision to Contest Ballot - Bloomberg
Pakistan's Bhutto launches election manifesto - Forbes

Putin suspends Russian participation in CFE Treaty - Canadian Press
Europe Observers Withdrawn from the Dec. 2 Elections - Kommersant Moscow

November 29, 2007

1. In Beirut, Saad Hariri and the anti-Syrian majority have dropped their opposition to Lebanese Army commander General Michel Suleiman as a compromise president.

2. In the Philippines, dissident military officers commandeered a large hotel demanding that President Arroyo step down. Police stormed the hotel after a seven hour standoff, making arrests.

3. Days after announcing that it had freed 1,500 al-Qaeda terrorists from prisons, Saudi Arabia announced that it has arrested 208 suspected terrorists amid oil attack fears.

4. With Saudi support, returned former PM Nawaz Sharif declares in Pakistan that Musharraf is an illegitimate president. Eyes begin to shift to General Kiyani, Musharraf's new Army Chief of Staff.

5. With al-Qaeda-linked terrorists continuing attacks in Mogadishu, Somali and Ethiopian forces have launched a counteroffensive. Terrorists, including the ICU's Shabaab, are reportedly dispersing into central regions of Somalia.

6. In a major reconciliation development, Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani issued a fatwa commanding Iraq's Shi'a to protect Iraqi Sunnis, saying "I am a servant of all Iraqis, there is no difference between a Sunni, a Shitte or a Kurd or a Christian."

7. China said that their recent prevention of US Navy ships from docking at Hong Kong was not a misunderstanding, it was a signal with intent.

8. New bin Laden audio tape aired on al-Jazeera. UbL calls for Europeans to end support of US and get out of Afghanistan.

Bin Laden: Europeans Should End US Help - AP
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China: Snub was not a misunderstanding - Navy Times
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Ayatollah Ali Sistani's fatwa orders Shi'a to protect Sunni in Iraq - Kuwait News Agency
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In new alliance, 6,000 Sunnis sign pact with U.S. - Philadelphia Inquirer

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Lebanon Lawmakers Back Army Chief - AP
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Nawaz Sharif says Musharraf not a legitimate president - Reuters
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Philippine police quell mutiny at a luxury hotel - International Herald Tribune
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Saudi Arabia Arrests 208 Suspects; Oil Attack Feared - Bloomberg
Earlier this week: 1,500 al-Qaeda Members Freed After Counseling - NY Sun
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Somalia offensive after attacks - BBC
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Journalists, Human Rights Groups Condemn New Somali Curbs on Reporting - VOA
Somali PM works to put cabinet together - Reuters
Somalia: Eliminating the Terrorist Threat - US State Department

November 28, 2007

1. Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has retired from the Army and turned over control of the Pakistani military to General Ashfaq Kiyani. Kiyani has been to date loyal to Musharraf, a primary reason he was selected.

2. The Annapolis Summit talks begin today between Israel and the Palestinians with many of the region's nations in attendance, including Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

3. Riots in the suburbs of Paris continue after two Muslim teenagers were killed when the stolen moped they were riding collided with a police vehicle. French President Sarkozy has called the rioting unacceptable.

4. It is expected that the Lebanese parliamentary vote to determine its president, already delayed until this Friday, is expected to be delayed yet again, with the two sides - Hizballah and the March 14 anti-Syrians - no closer to a compromise candidate.

5. Iran has claimed a new missile, the Ashura, with a 1,200 mile range - long enough to strike Israel. It says the weapon has been tested, but with much of Iran's military development claims, its actual field readiness and effectiveness is questionable. The announcement could be premature and largely geared as a media play before the Annapolis talks, to which Iran was not invited.

6. Protests against Hugo Chavez and his moves to amend Venezuela's constitution to eliminate his term limits continue on the streets. A recent poll suggested Chavez's referendum would fail, but Chavez has vowed that it must not fail.

7. In what must be considered a major development in Iraq's Sunni-Shi'a reconciliation process, Iraq's Ayatollah Sistani has called for Iraqi Shi'a to protect their Sunni brothers. Sistani is seen as a rational competitor to Iran's radical Ayatollah Khameini for leadership and stewardship of the world's Shi'a ummah (community).

Why Iran and Hamas Want Annapolis to Fail - TIME
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Police battle rioters in France - Detroit Free Press
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Iran touts new missile's 1,200-mile range - Boston Globe
Iran claims missile can hit Israel and US bases - Telegraph

Iaq's Ayatollah Sistani tells Shiites to protect Sunni brothers - Kuwait News Agency
US public opinion shifts on Iraq 'surge' - MSNBC
Security Improvements Pave Way for Iraqi Infrastructure Projects - AFPS

Musharraf Steps Down as Head of Pakistani Army - Washington Post
Musharraf Relinquishes Army Post - CBS

Venezuela's students lead anti-Chavez charge - CS Monitor
Poll says Chavez loses Venezuela referendum lead - Reuters
Chavez Vows Referendum 'Cannot Fail' - ABC
Venezuela's Chavez Remains Magnet for Controversy - VOA

November 27, 2007

1. President Bush meets with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Abbas before today's Annapolis Summit opening. Regional expectations from the talks remain low.

2. Al-Qaeda's media wing, As-Sahab, has announced a new forthcoming message from bin Laden to the Europeans. Last week a European al-Qaeda cell released a video threat to Germany and Austria read and subtitled in German.

3. Saudi Arabia has freed approximately 1,500 imprisoned al-Qaeda terrorists saying that they have been successfully "reformed" through counseling. The freed terrorists agreed as a condition of their release not to engage in terrorist activities.

4. French rioting in Paris suburbs continues, which has been characterized by police officials as worse than 2005. A union head said that immigrant youths have shot at police using handguns and rifles with 77 officers injured last night.

5. Musharraf bids ceremonial farewell to Army troops as he prepares to retire from his military post and take the oath as Pakistan's civilian president on Thursday.

1,500 Qaeda Members Freed by Saudi Arabia After Counseling - New York Sun
Al-Qaeda to release new message from bin Laden aimed at Europeans - SD Union-Tribune
Last Week: Germany & Austria Issued al-Qaeda Video Threat - ThreatsWatch

Israeli, Palestinian officials work on joint agreement for summit - CNN
In Middle East, low expectations - Seattle Times

French Riots in Paris Suburbs Spread; Cars, Library Torched - Bloomberg
Youths, police clash near Paris a 2nd night - Los Angeles Times
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Iran unveils new long-range missile claiming 2,000km range - Guardian

Pakistan's Musharraf bids farewell to arms - AFP
Pakistan's Musharraf to take oath as civilian president Thursday - Forbes
Pakistan Editorial: Finally, boots on ground in Swat - Daily Times
Army says its attacks leave 15 militants dead in Pakistan's Swat valley - International Herald Tribune

November 26, 2007

1. Lebanon looks now to this Friday to fill its vacant presidency with the parliament set to convene then for a vote. While the two sides are no closer to agreement, there have been no violent clashes since Emil Lahoud stepped down.

2. Hizballah supporters with ties to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have been arrested in the United States, suspected of funding the Lebanese terrorist group through cigarette and liquor black market enterprises and collecting cash contributions from abroad.

3. After announcing an anti-Annapolis conference to be held in Gaza, Hamas has now made fresh threats of increasing violence against Israel and Fatah in the West Bank and Gaza.

4. The al-Qaeda insurgency in Pakistan continues as a weekend bombing at Pakistan's military headquarters. The car bomber attempted to use learned hand signals to access a compound entrance used by Pakistani generals.

5. The US Military said that last week's market bombing in Baghdad that killed 15 was the work of Iran-supported 'special groups,' adding that the intent was to appear as an al-Qaeda attack. Four were apprehended.

6. A Venezuelan poll shows that Hugo Chavez has lost his lead in seeking referendum on exempting himself from term limits, though actual voter turnout is in question.

7. Former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif arrived back in his native Pakistan after years of exile following Musharraf's 1999 bloodless coup. He is poised for the most domestic political gain going forward.

8. A collision between a French police car and a motorcycle that resulted in the deaths of two Muslim youths not wearing helmets has sparked another round of riots in Paris suburbs.

Tension rises as Hamas threatens fresh bloodshed - UK Independent
Arabs seek to boost Abbas against Hamas at US talks - Khaleej Times
Palestinian Authority releases three Hamas prisoners - Jerusalem Post
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Indian authorities hunt bombers after blasts - Daily Times

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Iraqi Shiite Leader Defends Iran - AP
Baath Reconciliation Bill Draws Anger of Shiite Bloc - Washington Post
'Awakening' in Iraq [Sahwa al-Iraq] Signals Citizens' Rise Against al Qaeda - US Army

Lebanon: Once More to the Brink - TIME
Saniora in Poll Vow - Gulf Daily News
Hizballah Adds New Demand in Lebanon - Associated Press
Hizballah says Lebanon left with no executive - AFP
Hizballah recruits thousands in Lebanon crisis - Telegraph
Syria's role at Annapolis talks may help Lebanon - Christian Science Monitor

U.S. diplomat staying in N. Korea for nuclear work - USA Today
Analysis: Japan uneasy over warming U.S.-North Korea ties - UPI
'North Korea, Syria debated chemical arms' - Jerusalem Post

Former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif Returns to Boisterous Homecoming - VOA
Jihadis Strike at Pak Army & ISI Again - SAAG
Pakistan Bombers Kill Despite Crackdown - ABC
Two Rawalpindi blast suspects arrested - Dawn
Musharraf to hang up uniform on 29th: AG - DAWN

PAKISTAN - The Return of Nawaz Sharif
Sharifs finally home - Nawaz demand restoration of pre-November judiciary - DAWN
Sharif Registers for Pakistan Polls - Associated Press
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Bhutto, Sharif take potshots at each other - The Hindu
Bhutto ready for Sharif alliance - RTE
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Opposition’s decision to boycott polls not final yet: Bhutto - DAWN

Russia Pursues Crackdown - Washington Post
Putin blames US for election monitors' boycott - Forbes
Russian presidential polls officially set for March 2 - RIA Novosti

Hizballah supporters in US police custody - Kuwait Times

Poll says Chavez loses Venezuela referendum lead - Reuters
Turnout of anti-Ch疱ez voters is questionable - Miami Herald
Colombia-Venezuela relations head towards deep freeze - Guardian

November 23, 2007

1. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will now return to Pakistan from exile within the week, raising questions of whether Musharraf made a deal in his recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

2. Seized 'al-Qaeda in Iraq rolodex' shows 60% of foreign fighters are from Saudi Arabia and Libya.

3. Staunch US ally John Howard faces predicted electoral defeat in Australian elections and his opponent seeks to withdraw from Iraq and pressure the US to ratify the Kyoto environmental accords.

4. The Lebanese political crisis deepens as no presidential candidate can be agreed upon. Parliament must vote by midnight in Beirut and some Lebanese are bracing for violence.

5. Rafsanjani ally criticizes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for accusing former nuclear negotiator of treachery and treason.

6. Hamas plans an anti-Annapolis conference in Gaza, while an Israeli mayor seeks to sue Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in the International Criminal Courts.

7. Unusual US softness on North Korean human rights abuses and its sheltering of Japanese Red Army terrorists indicates unwillingness to jeopardize nuclear deal.

Australian Elections Too Close to Call: Latest Poll - Sydney Morning Herald
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Rudd plans changes to key policies including Iraq, Kyoto - CNN
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'Al Qaeda rolodex' show 60% of Foreign Fighters from Saudi Arabia, Libya - CNN
29 killed as al Qaeda in Iraq attacks Sunnis, Shiites - CNN
President Bush Presses Congress for Iraq War Funding - VOA
Ex-Iraq Commander Sanchez Endorses Troop Pull Out - AP

Lebanon president deadline looms: Midnight - BBC
Divided Lebanon braced for violence - Guardian
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More North Korea Nuclear Talks May Be Held Dec. 6-8 - Bloomberg

Musharraf-appointed court dismisses last challenge to re-election - Daily Times
Exiled former prime minister Nawaz Sharif plans return to Pakistan - Kansas City Star
Did Musharraf make a deal? Shadow over Sharifs’ homecoming - DAWN
Report: Bomb That Killed 170 in Pakistan Was Strapped to a 1-Year-Old Child - FOX

Hamas plans anti-Annapolis conference in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
ZAKA, Sderot mayor suing Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal - Jerusalem Post
Israel to start gradually reducing Gaza power supply December 2 - Haaretz

November 21, 2007

1. Iraqi refugees returning at a rate of about 1,000 per day as Iraqis note significant security improvements.

2. As Musharraf returns from Saudi Arabia, Pakistani opposition parties say fair polls in the announced elections cannot be ensured.

3. Ahmadinejad reassures that Iran "will not give the slightest concession" to its enemies regarding its nuclear program.

4. Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez advised Europe not to follow US path on Iran, calling charges "another big lie by the imperialist government."

5. With the election of Lebanon's next president delayed once more, the army has taken defensive positions around government buildings as Lebanese fear looming chaos.

6. Tensions rising in Somalia, Ethiopia urges quick deployment of peacekeeping forces.

7. Germany, Austria threatened in al-Qaeda video, moderate German Muslims derided, withdrawal of German and Austrian troops from Afghanistan demanded.

8. Russia agrees to provide nuclear technology to Egypt as Putin slams the West.

9. Egypt hosting Arab talks ahead of next week's Annapolis Summit on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

10. Musharraf may quit Army Chief of Staff post by Saturday, turning over to Lt. General Pervez Ashfaq Kiyani.

Iraqis return home 'in thousands' - BBC
Baghdad voices: Improved security - BBC
Car Bomb in Ramadi Kills 6 - AGI News
For Petraeus, a Balancing Act - Wall Street Journal
Petraeus Excerpts: 'This Is Not a Light Switch' - Wall Street Journal
Coalition Forces Kill Top Mosul al-Qaida Leader, Find Weapons, Detain Five - MNF-I

Musharraf May Quit Army by Saturday - Guardian
So Who Is Lt. General Pervez Ashfaq Kiyani? - Los Angeles Times
Pakistan Parties Say Observers Can't Ensure Fair Poll - Bloomberg

Ahmadinejad rules out Iran nuclear concessions - Africasia
Venezuela's Chavez warns Europeans not to side with US on Iran nuclear standoff - IHT

Lebanon delays president vote, tightens security - Boston Globe
Lebanon girds for chaos as factional rift deepens - Globe and Mail
A powder keg in Lebanon - Los Angeles Times

Ethiopia urges quick deployment of peacekeepers in Somalia - Shabelle
Tensions Grow in Somalia - VOA
Video of Shabaab (Somalia Mujahideen Youth Movement) November 8 Operations - ThreatsWatch
UN Split Over Somalia Peacekeeping Force - BBC
Somalia Crisis Dubbed Worse Than Darfur - CBS

Video/Transcript: Germany & Austria Issued al-Qaeda Video Threat - ThreatsWatch
New Islamist Video Threatens Germany, Austria - Deutsche Welle

Egypt: Russia agrees to provide nuclear know-how - Reuters
Russia to supply 30 Tu-204 planes to Iran - RIA Novosti
Vladimir Putin Lashes Out at West - Guardian

Arabs show skepticism ahead of Mideast peace gathering - IHT
Arab Leaders Pessimistic About Summit - The Forward
Egypt to host Arab leaders ahead of Annapolis Summit - IHT
Israel sets timeline for peace with Palestinians - Times
FACTBOX - Olmert and Abbas: The Distance Between Them - Reuters
Terrorist attacks and the propaganda campaign to undermine the Annapolis meeting - IICC

Former President Chirac targeted in corruption probe - MSNBC

November 20, 2007

1. Security improves in Baghdad as Coalition forces continue sweeps elsewhere for al-Qaeda in Iraq.

2. China refuses to include India, Australia and New Zealand into ASEAN organization.

3. Musharraf headed to Saudi Arabia amid speculation of talks with exiled former PM Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz rejected the idea.

4. Information from Pakistan at premium as Pak media walks tight rope under emergency. 100 protesting journalists arrested in Karachi.

5. Iran accepts offer for talks with US on Iraq security.

6. Lebanese parliamentary vote on new President delayed to Friday with no compromise candidate emerging.

7. Secret IRI poll in Cuba finds no confidence in Castro, 74% want elections for new leadership.

Baghdad Starts to Exhale as Security Improves - New York Times
Iraqis Joining Insurgency Less for Cause Than Cash - Washington Post
Al Qaeda shifts to northern, eastern Iraq: general - AFP
Shackled bodies found in al-Qaeda in Iraq prison camp - Reuters

India, Australia and New Zealand snubbed by ASEAN exclusion - Bloomberg
China cautions about new Iran sanctions - International Herald Tribune
China Blasts US Congressional Security Report - Associated Pres

Elections January 8, Musharraf set to quit post with military - Seattle Times
'Thousands released' in Pakistan, But Journalists Arrested - BBC
Nawaz Sharif scorns idea of talks with Musharraf - DAWN

Iran Accepts Offer for Talks With U.S. on Iraqi Security - FOX News
Analysis: Iran's secret Syrian plan - Middle East Times

Lebanon presidential vote set to be postponed to Friday - AFP
Lebanon still in political deadlock - Los Angeles Times

Poll: Cubans want elections for new leader, think Castro gov't can't fix problems - USA Today
Cuba Moncada 2007 Drills for 'War of All People' - Prensa Latina
Venezuela, Cuba Preparing to Bring Cienfuegos Refinery Online - Bloomberg

November 19, 2007

1. Reported sectarian violence in Pakistan's NWFP leaves 100+ dead. Artillery and gunship helicopters continued pounding the bases of militants loyal to rebel Swat cleric Maulana Fazlullah.

2. Pakistan's remaining supreme court dismisses challenges to Musharraf election, Musharraf says country more important than Democracy.

3. US reportedly to engage tribes against al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

4. Israel approves prisoner release.

5. Chavez tells OPEC to use oil to curb 'imperialism', follows Ahmadinejad's calling dollar "worthless piece of paper".

6. Attacks in Iraq down to February 2006 levels (pre-attack on Golden Dome in Samarra).

U.S. Says Attacks in Iraq Fell to Feb. 2006 Level - NY Times
Half-Ton Weapons Cache Found, Destroyed Following Iraqi Citizens’ Tip - MNF-I
Iraq says the worst is over in Baghdad - LA Times

Israel Approves Release of 441 Prisoners - AP

'Egypt allowing Hamas to amass arms' - Jerusalem Post

Chavez Tells OPEC to Use Politics, Curb `Imperialism' - Bloomberg
Iran leader dismisses US currency - BBC

Sectarian clashes leave over 100 dead in NW Pakistan's tribal area - Xinhua
Court dismisses petitions against Musharraf - CNN
US plans to train Pakistani tribes to fight Al-Qaeda, Taliban: report - AFP
US envoy brought ‘nothing new’: FO - Daily Times
Musharraf: country more important than democracy - DAWN
Heavy militant casualties in Swat - Daily Times
Helicopters strafe militants’ bases in Swat, Shangla - DAWN
U.S. Hopes to Use Pakistani Tribes Against Al Qaeda - NY Times

Over the weekend, Ugandan peacekeepers attacked in Somalia - AFP

Zimbabwe Government Accuses Britain of Invasion Plot - VOA

November 16, 2007

1. Assistant Secretary of State John Negroponte is in Pakistan today to discuss ending the state of emergency.

2. Fighting continues in Afghanistan as US looks for alternative supply routes to reliance on a shaky Pakistan.

3. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei has submitted his report on Iran to the Security Council.

4. Turkish General says preparations underway for attack into Iraq against PKK.

5. Congressional Commission on China accuses Chinese of "large scale industrial espionage campaign."

Negroponte expected in Pakistan today - The Hindu
Bhutto urges Pakistan opposition to unite - Detroit Free Press
'My Aunt Benazir's false promises' - Los Angeles Times
NDTV.com: Pakistan interim PM sworn-in - NDTV
Army claims Pakistan rebel deaths in offensive - BBC
Secretary of State Rice on Pakistan (with audio) - VOA

U.S. Looks at Afghan Supply Lines That Skip Pakistan - Defense News
25 suspected Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan operations - International Herald Tribune
Taliban Militants Kill English Teacher in Afghanistan - VOA

Report Raises New Doubts on Iran Nuclear Program - New York Times
IAEA: Iran Not Open About Nuke Program - AP
Iran wants Western apology after IAEA report - Reuters
EU's Solana to file key Iran nuclear report with or without new talks - AFP
Israel preparing for nuclear Teheran - Jerusalem Post
Former top Iranian nuke envoy arrested as 'British spy' - The Australian

Turkish Commander Says Turkey Preparing for Cross-Border Operation in Iraq - FOX
Roadside bombs on wane in Iraq - Seattle Times
AQI on the run, but latest shows car bombs still a threat - VOA
State Dept. Won't Order Diplomats to Iraq - Washington Post
Iran honors pledge to stem weapons flow into Iraq, general says - Boston Globe

US accuses China of vast industrial spying - Telegraph
US-China Economic and Security Review Commission calls Chinese spying a threat - Boston Globe
Dissidents in China still fear Internet police despite Yahoo! pledge - Times Online

Israeli Attorney General OKs cuts to Gaza's electricity - Jerusalem Post
Russia Assures: Syria will be at Annapolis - Kommersant Moscow

November 15, 2007

1. Musharraf to dissolve Parliament today ahead of elections as US maintains state of emergency must end.

2. Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda arrives in America today for a three day visit and will meet with President Bush tomorrow.

3. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert demands Palestinian recognition of Israel while Palestinian Authority President Abbas calls for the defeat of Hamas in Gaza.

4. A new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran is expected to be completed shortly, but it will not be made public.

5. IAEA chief ElBaradei delays submitting Iran nuclear report.

6. President Bush warns Syria on meddling in the Lebanese elections.

Pakistan to Dissolve Parliament Ahead of Elections - Bloomberg
US wants end to Pakistan emergency, Musharraf says no - Hindustan Times
White House Repeats Calls For Pakistan's Musharraf to Lift Emergency Rule - VOA
Boys killed in Pakistan fighting - CNN
Hurdles in uniting Pakistani opposition - Los Angeles Times

Abbas Calls for Hamas Overthrow in Gaza - AP
Olmert firm on Israel recognition - JTA
U.S. diplomat: Palestinian security forces have made progress in restoring order in Nablus - Int'l Herald Tribune
US presses Israel to halt Jewish settlements - Telegraph

Iran threat assessment won't be released, intelligence chief says - CNN
Former Iran negotiator charged with spying for UK - Independent
Germany to urge business to loosen Iran links - MSNBC

ElBaradei delays to refer report on Iran's nuclear issues - Xinhua
Reports to rate Iran nuclear compliance - Los Angeles Times
Jerusalem says Solana could trump ElBaradei - Jerusalem Post
US, Britain, France asking tough questions about Iran's nuclear activities - International Herald Tribune

Bush says Lebanese election should be free of meddling by Syria - International Herald Tribune
Syria to attend upcoming Mideast summit - Jerusalem Post
Syria's Baath: Lebanon Threatened by Split after French Initiative Failed - Naharnet
Hariri Accuses Syria of Seeking to Destroy French Initiative - Naharnet

May Deploy Nuclear Missiles to Belarus - Telagraph
Pulls Last Troops from Georgia - VOA

November 14, 2007

1. Friction continues in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah, with many Palestinians openly angry at Iranian support for Hamas.

2. Iran has handed the IAEA nuclear bomb blueprints demanded but stopped short of other compliance.

3. While Bhutto remains under house arrest, Pakistan's cricket-hero-turned-opposition-politician Imran Khan has been arrested.

4. Hizballah-linked illegal immigrant pleads guilty to charges in FBI/CIA mole case.

5. North Korean and South Korean prime ministers meet for talks in Seoul.

Hamas carries out mass arrests and puts down Gaza schoolgirl demo - Times Online
More anti-Iran anger in Palestinian protests against Hamas - Haaretz
Hamas tightens restrictions on Gaza journalists following Fatah rally - Jerusalem Post

Iran hands over nuclear warhead blueprints - USA Today
Iran Issues Interpol Arrest Warrants for Argentines - Wall Street Journal

Bhutto Calls It Off with Musharraf - TIME
Pakistan Corps Commanders Oppose Deal with Benazir - South Asia Analysis Group
Cricket legend seized in Pakistan - CNN
Opposition leader seized in Pakistan - International Herald Tribune
Musharraf Tells AP Will Quit Army This Month - AP

Ex-FBI Agent Accused Of Security Breach - CBS
Hizballah's Penetration of the FBI, CIA - Counterterrorism Blog
xProuty Case Shows Citizenship the 'Keys to the Kingdom' - Counterterrorism Blog

Inter-Korean Talks - The Korea Times
Inter-Korean Prime Ministers' Talks to Focus on Business - Chosun Ilbo
China Development Bank denies 10 billion dollar fund in North Korea - AFP
DPRK aid to Syria could spark fire in Middle East - The Daily Yomiuri

US informs Nigeria of plan to set up military command in Africa - Defense News

Canadian chosen to head probe into Hariri killing - Globe & Mail
France's FM mediates among feuding Lebanese ahead of vote for president - International Herald Tribune
High Times in the Bekaa Valley - Globe & Mail

New Jihadi manual rejects militant violence in Arab-Islamic world - AKI
UK Report Warns of Al-Qaeda Mass-Casualty Aims - Mirror

November 13, 2007

1. Bomb detonated outside Philippine Congress, injuring several and damaging the building.

2. It was announced that Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte will be visiting Pakistan as early as this week to discuss the situation.

3. Bhutto ends talks with Musharraf, calls for Pakistani president to step down.

4. British Prime Minister to push for tougher sanctions on Iran.

5. Hamas said to be 'losing grip' in Gaza, Fatah gaining support.

6. IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei is expected to deliver his report on the Iranian nuclear program to the UN Security Council this week, as early as today.

7. Turkey sends helicopters to attack PKK Kurdish rebel positions in northern Iraq.

Explosion rocks Philippines lower house, 2 lawmakers injured – MSNBC
Philippine left-wing groups had filed impeachment complaint against president - Canadian Press
Lawmaker dead in Philippine House blast - UPI

US diplomat Negroponte to visit Pakistan – Forbes
No more talks with Musharraf: Bhutto - Daily Times
'I am calling for Gen. Musharraf to step down, to quit, to leave' - Washington Post
Army takes charge of Swat operation from FC paramilitary forces - Daily Times
Musharraf's Army Losing Ground in Insurgent Areas - Washington Post
Gunmen fire at Pakistan police stations during protest - Reuters

British forces to capitalize on Taliban 'split' - Telegraph
British SAS troops target Taliban drug trade - The Herald

Britain's Brown calls for tougher stance on Iran, Pakistan – IHT
Merkel and Sarkozy agree on Iran sanctions strategy - IHT

Iraq military announces easing of Baghdad restrictions - Boston Globe
Turkey attacks PKK targets in Iraq with helicopter gunships - BBC
U.S. Military Begins Reversing Iraq Troop Surge - FoxNews

Analysis: Hamas losing grip on Gaza, Fatah gaining support - Haaretz
Hamas Cracks Down on Fatah in Gaza Strip - VOA
Shin Bet: Dozens of Fatah fugitives pardoned - Jerusalem Post
Egypt has uncovered 60 border tunnels to Gaza in 10 months - IHT

Nigeria says al-Qaeda operatives arrested - CS Monitor

November 12, 2007

1. The tension in Pakistan continues - Benazir Bhutto confined to her home to prevent her from attending a rally.

2. Enemy mortar and rocket attacks in Iraq at 21-month low, VBIED and roadside bomb attacks down 77%.

3. The Iranian regime has issued a “vice list,” detailing behaviors to be banned with strict enforcement on Iranian citizens.

4. Israeli Deputy PM calls for ElBaradei's removal as head of IAEA.

5. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte and Asst. Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer are in Africa visiting Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Mali.

6. Leaders from Egypt, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen met in Cairo to discuss the situation in Iraq and the Annapolis Summit.

7. Olmert says 400 Palestinian prisoners to be released before summit.

8. Hamas attack on Fatah Rally in Gaza kills 7, injures 130.

Bhutto Residence Encircled by Police to Stop Pakistan Rally - Bloomberg
PML-N, JI to boycott polls under emergency - DAWN
Pakistan denies nuclear weapons at risk - Forbes
Official denies terrorists-for-troops swap - Daily Times

Clash between ex-insurgents, al-Qaeda in Iraq kills 18 - Boston Globe
Optimism grows in Iraq - BBC
200 al-Qaeda captured in Northern Iraq operation - Gulf Daily News
Military finding more Iranian arms in Iraq - MSNBC

Iran launches anti-vice crackdown - BBC
Rafsanjani calls for 'united ideology' in Iran amid vice crackdown - IRNA
Israel calls for sacking of IAEA's ElBaradei over Iran - Telegraph
Ahmadinejad: Iran should get ready for its global missions - IRNA

Israel Says It Will Release More Than 400 Palestinian Prisoners - VOA
Hizballah: IDF military exercises preparation for new war on Lebanon - IHT

7 Die in Hamas Attack on Gaza Rally - Arab News
Analysis: Fatah and Hamas's pre-Annapolis growls - Jerusalem Post

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