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Bomber Kills 24 in Baquba

While Sunni and Shi'a broke their fast together at the Shi'a Shifta mosque a suicide bomber attacked and killed at least 24 while wounding at least 37. The gathering included both Sunni and Shi'a members of government and police forces.

As mentioned yesterday, in a Roundtable discussion with deputy commanding general of operations for Multinational Division North, Brigadier General Mick Bednarek, the reconciliation of Sunni and Shi'a in the Diyala province, like other MNF-N provinces, requires both Iraqi boots on the ground - police and Army - and trust in the command elements. This attack killed two Sunni leaders in the Diyala province - Baquba police Chief Ali al-Deylan and Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim al-Obaidi, commander of Diyala's police operations.

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