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Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Call Off IDF Truce

In the West Bank, declared the truce with IDF soldiers over and announced in a distributed leaflet, "We call on all our members who handed over their weapons to the Palestinian security forces to report to their commanders so that they can be issued new weapons."

Israel had issued an amnesty to al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades militants in the understanding that they turn their weapons over to Abbas' Palestinian Authority. But after IDF soldiers reportedly arrested two al-Aqsa members who were on the amnesty list, the leaflet announcing the end of the truce appeared.

The leaflet also read, "We call on all our members to display caution and not to be deceived by the so-called amnesty from Israel. We will no longer honor the agreements that were reached with Israel over the issue of the wanted men. We won't hand over our guns. This is a lie designed to split the Palestinian resistance."

Sanctions Questioned As IAEA, Iran Agree

Ahead of what US Envoy to the IAEA Schulte says is a thrid round of UNSC resolutions, Iran has agreed to a timetable with the IAEA that would chart progress on unresolved nuclear issues with Tehran. While the IAEA's Ollie Heinonen called it a "milestone" and Iran's Javad Vaeedi said it was "very concrete progress," Schulte called it a "smokescreen" to "take the attention from its continued development of bomb-making capabilities."

However, the Jerusalem Post reported Israeli officials as "doubtful" that any additional round of UN sanctions would be dealt Iran. One official said that, while the economic have had an impact on Iran, "without Russia or China, it is doubtful that the UN will succeed in passing another round of sanctions."

Pakistan Releases al-Qaeda Tech Facilitator

Back with his family now in Karachi, Pakistan has released suspected al-Qaeda operative Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan. Khan was believed to have facilitated encrypted e-mail communications between al-Qaeda leadership and cells in Africa, the Middle East and Great Britain. Tracing his communications reportedly resulted in arrests worldwide. The Pakistani government did not explain the release.

Pakistan's DAWN newspaper reported that Khan "has also been linked with terror plots in the US and Britain, and to the arrests of suspects in Britain."

IG Release Critical of IC, Tenet on 9/11 failures

Released Tuesday was a previously classified executive summary of the June 2005 report by the Office of the Inspector General regarding intelligence practices regarding al-Qaeda leading up to the 9/11 attacks. The summary, now two years old, was very critical of former DCI George Tenet and the Intelligence Community, particularly regarding communications, process and operations management. Tenet "did not use all of his authorities in leading the Intelligence Community's strategic effort against Usama bin Laden," read the document.

Tenet issued a written statement timed to coincide with the expected release of the IG's intelligence Report Executive Summary. Citing intelligence challenges experienced in the 1990's, Tenet said that the "IG fails to understand how intensely I pushed the counterterrorism issue" because the IG did not interview him or policymakers on the matter.

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