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Taliban Cancels Second Pakistani Truce Deal

Following the recent scrapping of the North Waziristan 'peace deal' between Musharraf and the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance there, the Taliban have now also voiced the similar accords in South Waziristan, the Taliban and al-Qaeda's first major sanctuary ceded by Pakistan. A spokesman for Taliban leader Baitullah Mahsud declared, "The advance movement of the Pakistan army in our area is a violation of the agreement."

Observers have held that the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies had violated the terms of the agreements since their 2005 (South Waziristan) and 2006 (North Waziristan) inceptions, particularly by sending Taliban fighters on cross-border raids into Afghanistan. Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah, who re-organized in Pakistan, was killed in Afghanistan earlier this year.

In North Waziristan, where the accord has been discarded for weeks, a Pakistani military spokesman said that Pakistani gunships executed a series of attacks on 'militant' positions near Miranshah, the North Waziristan capital. Pakistan's Daily Times reported Major General Waheed Arshad saying, “The attack was launched after credible reports that foreign elements were using the compounds as hideouts. We have credible information that the two compounds have been destroyed and 15 miscreants, including 10 Uzbeks, have been killed in the strike."

In the province of Tank, The Daily Times also reported that "talks between local militants and a jirga comprising elders of the area for the release of 15 abducted Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel have succeeded, and the release of the first five is expected within a few days, with the rest to follow soon after. South Waziristan MNA Maulana Merajuddin told reporters that militants had agreed to release the soldiers unconditionally as a gesture of solidarity with the army."

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