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North Korea 'To Supply Mini-Subarines To Iran'

Japan's Kyodo News is reporting that a diplomatic source revealed that North Korea has "agreed to supply four mini-submarines to Iran by mid-July." The source said the agreement was reached in May when North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Yong Il made a Tehran visit.

Previously, North Korea had agreed to provide mini-submarines to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), a Philippine Islamist terrorist group. The terrorist group reportedly had paid North Korea $1 million and still owed $1.2 million according to documents seized from the group in 2004. The submarines were never delivered, but the willingness of North Korea to do so is telling. North Korea did, however, deliver 10,000 North Korean copies of the M-16, ammunition and grenades.

At Scuba Diver Info, experienced divers discuss diving as a means for terrorism, including the use of mini-submarines such as those Iran is seeking from North Korea. Dr. Walid Phares brought up the issue of an al-Qaeda submarine threat to Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia's most important Gulf oil terminal. In a conflict, Ras Tanura would be an obvious target for Iran, as well.

45 Muslim Doctors Threatened US Attacks

Based on a review of past Internet discussions, 45 Muslim doctors planned US terror raids as long as three years ago. The threats included the use of car bombs and rocket propelled grenades against US night clubs and military bases, including Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, Florida.

"We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America. The first target which will be penetrated by nine brothers is the naval base which gives shelter to the ship [USS John F.] Kennedy." The same message discussed hitting civilian targets around the Jacksonville naval base saying, "These are clubs for naked women which are opposite the First and Third units."

The messages among the group of Muslim doctors dated as far back as three years ago, found in the home of Younis Tsouli, also known as Irhabi 007.

Confident in their investigation into the recent UK bombing attempts, Britain lowered their terror threat level from critical to severe. In that investigation, UK authorities are investigating a house in Scotland believed to be used as a bomb factory to produce the bombs in last week's terrorist attacks.

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