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Hizballah Terrorist Held In Iraq Is Iranian Terror Link

Following the US-led Sadr City raids that killed 26 suspected of links to Iranian terror groups operating in Iraq, Brigadier General Kevin J. Bergner said that a member of the Lebanese terrorist group Hizballah, Ali Mussa Dakdouk, has been in custody since March 20 and was "working in Iraq as a surrogate for the Iranian Quds force."

The US General said that Hizballah's Dakdouk had been working for the Iranians as a liaison between Iran and the Kazaali network responsible for the January raid on the Karbala Provincial Joint Coordination Center (PJCC) in which 4 American soldiers were kidnapped and executed and a fifth killed during the abduction operation.

ThreatsWatch concluded and has maintained in analysis that Iran was behind the Karbala executions operation. It appears now that American military commanders are prepared to publicly state such unequivocally about an operation that can be seen as little else but an Act of War by a state entity.

Glasgow Airport Bomb Similar to London Bombs

British police were on the bombers' trail as another group of terrorists drove their bomb-laden Jeep into an entrance gate at Scotland's Glasgow Airport. Authorities had left a request for information on the suspects with their landlord, from whom they had rented living space just weeks prior to the attack.

Conducting raids throughout the UK, Britain continues its hunt for terrorists in the involved cell, believed to be part of al-Qaeda. Understandably, the hunt is difficult as "These are not the type of people who always carry identity documents, or who use their real identities." Several British newspapers are reporting that "two of the men arrested were hospital doctors." British authorities, however, have refused to comment on the claim. Three of the five already arrested are reported to be foreign nationals, and all five are said to be Muslim extremists.

All of the bombs used have been of the same gasoline and propane/butane gas design, each with double cell phone triggers that failed. As details of the devices and intent become known, a picture of a flawed bombing campaign by martyrdom-seeking terrorists is beginning to emerge.

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