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Israeli Forces Enter Gaza

With Hamas 'in control' of the Gaza Strip and Israeli citizens again on the receiving end of rockets and missiles, Israeli forces have begun an attack on Hamas forces within the Strip. Israeli tanks crossed into the Gaza Strip and air forces fired missiles at two rocket launchers in northern Gaza.
Four Palestinians were reported killed in the attacks early hours, two known to be combatants.

Leading Hamas militarnt, Mahmoud Zahar, claimed that Hamas could stop the rocket attacks on Israel if Israel halted its military action. Zahar further stated that Hamas would not be Israel's 'protector' in his warning to the Israeli people.

Zahar, in an interview with Asharq Alawsat, stated that it was the West Bank that was in disorder due to retaliations on Hamas members by Fatah elements. This while he reported Gaza to be in calm, and adding that no rocket attacks will be launched against Israel unless Israel attacks.

al-Qaeda in India Declares War

The conflict between India and Pakistan over Jammu Kashmir, the India controlled portion of the mountainous Kashmir region, has a recently declared participant. al-Qaeda has declared "righteous holy war against India on behalf of God the great" with Jammu and Kashmir to be the launch pad for war against India. The announcement was made by video received by the Current News Service in Srinagar.

al-Qaeda in India announced its establishment in July of 2006. al-Qaeda and affiliated movements are believed to have been involved in attacks in India, though this is the first al-Qaeda in India statement since last July.

Georgia Rejects Vehicle With Radioactive Material

Georgian authorities reported the discovery of plutonium and beryllium in a vehicle attempting to cross from Azerbaijan to Georgia. Border agents detected high levels of radiation and afterwards required the vehicle to return to Azerbaijan, rejecting its entry into Georgia. Plutonium and beryllium can be utilized in the production of nuclear weapons, or in less technologically advanced form as components of a 'dirty bomb.'

Georgian authorities have not stated the destination for the vehicle or offered details on why it was turned away rather than being taken into custody, as Georgian law prohibits the transport of radioactive materials.

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