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Suicide Bomb Teams Graduate, 'Sent to US, Europe'

Video and images were released of suicide bomb teams graduating from a Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance terrorist training camp on June 9 with the intent of sending them to the United States, Canada, Germany, and Britain. The Taliban's Mansoor Dadullah presided over the ceremony, the mullah brother of former Taliban military commander Mullah Dadullah who was killed in a recent Coalition strike. Mansoor Dadullah declared that the four target nations came to Afghanistan from far away places, so "why shouldn't we go after them?"

One significant power involved in Afghanistan but left off the above list is France. But France has long been openly declared a target of the Algerian GSPC in Africa, which recently aligned with al-Qaeda and took on the name of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

The relationship between the US and Pakistan, an ally in the region, has been strained by Pakistan's inability to effectively confront and exert force and control over the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Pakistan's tribal regions. The terrorist graduation is a by-product of this weakness. The UK's Guardian newspaper quoted former CIA officer Art Keller, once assigned to Pakistan, who said the Pakistani army is "huddling in their bases, doing nothing," paralyzed in part by internal division.

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