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Plot to Attack Soldiers at Fort Dix

The FBI has arrested six men in New Jersey on charges of plotting to attack soldiers at Fort Dix. The complaint against them states that the six took part in fire-arms training for the attack, conducted surveillance at Fort Dix (and other bases prior to selecting Fort Dix as their target), collected weapons for the attack (including shotguns, hand-guns and semi-automatic assault weapons), reviewed terrorists training videos, took part in tactical training, and attempted to acquire fully automatic Kalashnikov rifles.

Three of the six are alleged to be illegally residing in the US. The six are described as Islamic militants with no direct ties to international terror organizations.

After Talks, Iran Refuses Enrichment Suspension

The Associated Press reported that Iran was 'weighing compromise' at the EU-Iran nuclear talks in Vienna. The EU's Javier Solana described the talks as "very difficult" because they were "demanding from Iran is the suspension of activities as long as the negotiations take place ... For the moment this is very difficult to obtain." The Associated Press report cited an official describing the "decision by the chairman of the meeting to skirt the issue at least until Tuesday came after Iran asked for an extra day of consultations with its capital."

The consultations are complete with Tehran and the response is consistent with past Iranian approaches to negotiating on its nuclear program. Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki affirmed once again that Tehran will not suspend its uranium enrichment. Mottaki said, "We are having our legal enrichment, and suspension is not on our agenda." It has never been on Iran's agenda and has even been described by President Ahmadinejad and Iranian security council chief Ali Larijani as "non-negotiable."

Meanwhile, Iran's sponsorship of terrorism continues as more Iranian EFPs are found in the hands of Sunni Iraqi insurgents and terrorists. The commanding general of the American 3rd Infantry Division, Major General Lynch, said more Iranian EFPs have been found under his watch just south of Baghdad. The Chicago Tribune reported that "[o]f the 13 soldiers under his command killed since he deployed to Iraq on April 1, more than half were killed by EFPs."

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