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US Navy Lacks "Sizzler" Defense

Despite the existence of numerous models of anti-ship missiles, the US Navy still lacks a plan to defend aircraft carriers against such weapons, in particular the Russian-made super-sonic “Sizzler.”

It is known that China has deployed the Sizzler (the SS-N-27 Anti-Ship Cruise Missile) and it is suspected that Iran has either purchased them or has been approached by the Russians about a potential sale. Per naval weapons experts, this missile in the hands of either nation could challenge the US Navy’s ability to freely operate in a defense-of-Taiwan or Strait of Hormuz contingency.

Chinese Tech Threat

Computer chip maker Intel recently announced that it will open a wafer fabrication plant in China. Located in the Northeast city of Dalian, the partially government-subsidized facility is expected to start producing chip-sets in early 2010.

The decision to produce chip-sets, which shuttle data between processors, was driven by US regulations designed to prevent advanced processor technology from falling into the hands of Chinese weapons designers. An important but possibly futile effort given recent revelations in the Chi Mak Chinese espionage case.

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