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P2P Security Threat

From an unusual corner of the government comes a report on the threat from peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software. US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has launched a stinging attack on P2P services, stating in a recent report such software poses a threat to national security.

The USPTO reports that government employees and contractors who have installed P2P software on their computers have repeatedly compromised national security by allowing – intentionally or not – others on P2P networks access to proprietary or classified information. The report goes on to state that there is no legitimate business need for P2P software on sensitive systems.

Cyberspace Command Promotion

Yesterday the U.S. Air Force reported to Congress their plans to elevate its new Cyberspace Command to “major command” status, putting a command dedicated to the defense and security of the virtual world on par with that of the commands dedicated to those same missions in the physical world.

The pronouncement is merely the first step in a long series of hurdles, including manning documents, a budget and physical location, which must be overcome before full operating capability is achieved.

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