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Failed Attack, al-Qaeda On Trial

Three terrorists were killed when their bomb detonated prematurely, believed to be enroute to attack a Pakistani police funeral procession. The police forces and the Interior Ministry remain largely loyal to President Musharraf as violent opposition mounts inside Pakistan. In Pakistani trial procedings, al-Qaeda is publicly tied to a 2006 bombing that killed a US diplomat. The New York Times reports the significance of these legal events as "one of the first in Pakistan to underline in court the links between splinter cells of Pakistani jihad groups and Qaeda operatives in Waziristan."

Though it is a commentary, Dr. Farhat Taj writes of specific instances of the Pakistani government's bowing to militant Islamists that rarely get notice by Western media in Militant Islam and writ of State.

The investigation into the Samjhauta Express train bombing goes on with Lashkar-e-Taiba suspected by India. Retired Indian Major General Afsir Kareem spoke of the attack and the investigation in an interview with Gulf News, saying "Indian intelligence agencies are catching the menials involved in the terror networks. But they are not getting to the bottom of it. And they also make claims because of the intense pressure to show results."

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