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Founded in 2007, the Center for Threat Awareness was established to increase both public and policy-maker awareness of threats to the United States, her allies, and the principles and practice of liberty through the world. As the first Think Tank 2.0™, the Center seeks to be a geographically dispersed forward thinking organization focused on filling the void between the academic and expert communities and the lay person. The Center is an IRS approved 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation.

Our bipartisan approach and perspective is based on the following founding principles:

· Life and Liberty are fundamental rights to be secured by governments for their citizens.

· The United States, and all democratically governed nations, require a well-informed and engaged public to ensure those rights.

· Ideas, as well as Nationality, Culture, Religion, and Economic Interest are determining factors in the decisions of peoples and governments.

· Information, Understanding and Principles shared lead to improved relations, cooperation and discourse.

· There are many resources outside the traditional hubs of scholarly work which remain untapped and underutilized in traditional research and education organizations.

The Center for Threat Awareness, through its online presence at ThreatsWatch.Org, will deliver timely news and analysis of events, trends and other developing ideas and policies directly and indirectly impacting the security, liberty and prosperity of the United States and her allies.