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It's The Terrorism, Stupid

About That "Without Preconditions" Caveat On Talks With Iran...

By Steve Schippert

A funny thing happened (and keeps happening) along that road to meeting with the Iranian regime "without preconditions." Seems we keep finding such bothersome things as dead American soldiers and Iranian-made weapons on various battlefields. The Associated Press offers Exhibit 1,347b of An Inconvenient Truth: Iraqis find Iranian-made rockets after US attacked.

U.S.-backed Iraqi troops seized a launcher loaded with more than a dozen Iranian-made rockets and detained three suspected militants after an attack against the American base outside the southern city of Basra, officials said Tuesday.

Col. Karim al-Zaidi said the missiles were found in an eastern section of Iraq's second largest city after rockets targeted the U.S. base Monday evening.

The U.S. military confirmed that 16 rockets were found and three suspects detained by Iraqi troops who responded to the attack. It said no casualties were reported.

At some level, surely the Obama administration wishes the Iranian regime would stop putting such speed bumps of inconvenience along the path to the inevitable Dog & Pony Show that will be "talks without preconditions." It makes it quite difficult to craft the pseudo-intellectual language required explain away rubbing elbows with a thuggish theocratic regime which draws as much pleasure from murdering, beating and torturing its own dissenting citizens as it does servicing the killing of American soldiers deployed overseas.

The Iranian citizens can apparently pound sand, as the leader of the free world, widely touted as the best communicator in the Office in decades, failed to find the words to offer them support. Fearful was he that he would alienate the nasty regime beating down its own population, his would-be high-profile negotiating partner.

Can it be extrapolated that the American Armed Forces can pound sand, too? They have this habit of dying at the hands of Iranian EFP's (Explosively Formed Penetrators) and coming under attack from other Iranian weapons, as the story above clearly reminds. This must be quite annoying.

The President of the United States and Commander in Chief of her Armed Forces has an overriding responsibility to the security of those under his ultimate charge. Unfortunately, President Obama chooses to continue to focus on the Iranian nuclear program, even while clumsily nodding that the Iranian regime has the right to nuclear technology.

It's the terrorism, stupid.

General Petraeus understood this and made a point of highlighting quite publicly all of the Iranian weapons, networks and Quds Force terrorists busy killing and facilitating the killing of the men and women under his Iraqi command. If only the President of the United States took such personal ownership of the responsibility to those brave men and women serving both Americans and Iraqis.

It's the terrorism, stupid.

Why don't we fear the Indian nuclear arsenal? Or even the Pakistani nuclear arsenal for that matter, presuming the Pakistani government's positive control over these weapons? Why do we fear Iran with nuclear weapons exponentially more so than any - any - other nation with the same?

It's the terrorism, stupid.

It seems "Stop killing Americans" would be a reasonable precondition, nay a responsible precondition, to any talks with the Iranian mullah regime on any subject at all. Such wouldn't even require the intellectual energy of nuanced language.

But instead, the grand international stage is being set. The actors and props are taking their proper places. President Obama said he would decide whether his "open hand" policy toward Iran was working by the G20 Summit in Italy in September. Right on time, as usual, the Iranians had their envoy to the IAEA signal that, yes indeed, Iran is ready now to begin talks (about talks) with the West on its nuclear program, provided there are "no preconditions." The Iranian regime's violent put-down of its own population, which continues still, is largely and conveniently out of the US and international media spotlight. So, too, the continued Iranian arming of Hizballah and Hamas terrorists.

Iranian Katyusha rockets and launchers used against US forces in Iraq? Not so much. Pesky little thing, that. But it will be long forgotten by the time President Obama's self-declared Italian G20 deadline gets here. After all, there's a non-negotiable nuclear program for White House wordsmiths to attempt to negotiate away upon a grand and prestigious international stage, with cameras, writers and perhaps the making of a legacy. So enticing.

But it's not the potential for nuclear weapons that is at the heart of the threat, real or imagined. It's the nature of the regime.

It's the terrorism, stupid.