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Ahmadinejad Meets Queen Isabella

By Steve Schippert | September 14, 2006

Iran set forth beyond their borders a flurry of reasonable men equipped with reasonable messages, seeking to address the fears of the West while it debates Security Council sanctions that seem as near and elusive as the perpetual horizon. Intent on enabling critics of those who fear a nuclear Iran, the mullah regime set their statesmen to sea. Surely now the fearful may be labeled as the small-minded worriers who pleaded and warned Christopher Columbus that he would fall off the edge of the earth, taking with him his crew and Queen Isabella’s ships.

In route to Cuba, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, set to be handed the reigns of the Non-Aligned Movement’s ‘Group of 15,’ pronounced that indeed Iran was now prepared for serious negotiations. Speaking from Dakar, Senegal, another G-15 member, the Iranian president said, "We are partisan to dialogue and negotiation and we believe that we can resolve the problems in a context of dialogue and of justice together. I am announcing that we are available, we are ready for new conditions." With the unreasonable nature of the old conditions of the past three years, the fair-minded must concede that new conditions are certainly in order.

In Washington, arms flailed about as America’s statesmen continued down the path of alarm. "We've seen this game before from the Iranians. They want to stretch things out,” pleaded State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack. “They want to say well, we'll have a meeting on Thursday. No, let's have a meeting next Tuesday. And it keeps going on and on and on. And at some point, the world has to say look: we've given you the opportunity here and it's time to act. It's time to act through the Security Council, and it's time to impose sanctions on Iran."

But this passion can be counterproductive, dangerous and disruptive to process. Addressing such passion, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calmly tendered, "I don't believe there will be sanctions because there is no reason to have sanctions. It would be preferable for the U.S. officials not to speak in anger." Such vitriol surely has no place in international relations.

Already in Havana ahead of his president, Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki assured the Non-Aligned Movement and the world of Iran’s “readiness to resume the negotiations without any preconditions with the interested countries to clarify outstanding issues with the purpose of increasing confidence and transparency." Dismissing the angry Americans, embracing the Non-Aligned Movement’s G-15 and extending a reasonable and diplomatic olive branch to all willing Europeans, Mottaki presented before them all the horizon.

But the adamant Americans seem unwilling and unprepared to be flexible. Speaking to the cancelled meeting scheduled for Thursday between Ali Larijani and the EU’s Javier Solana, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice bemoaned, "It is my understanding that -- perhaps not surprisingly -- they have canceled the meeting for now. That should tell us something." But what the American foreign policy leader fails to realize is that scheduling on Saturday a meeting for Thursday is precisely the kind of precondition that Mottaki is attempting to address.

And Mottaki’s Havana embrace was kindly returned, as Egypt stood beside the Iranian foreign minister and informed the world that indeed the NAM had received from Iran "very strong assurances that the objective is not nuclear weapons." Reminding all of Iran’s continued commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Egyptian foreign minister pointed out that it is certainly Iran’s right to have nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes. "We have to believe them until it is established otherwise," he said. After all, it’s the only reasonable approach to take.

But the Americans Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Stuart Levey, is headed to Singapore seeking to persuade attendees of the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to reconsider financial dealings with Iran. Unconvincingly, Levey attempted statesmanship to veil the typical American aggressiveness by assuring that "We're not here to make any specific requests of anyone." His department has already seen to it that sanctions were slapped on Iran’s Bank Saderat.

In the midst of his speaking tour in the United States, former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami addressed Iranian domestic affairs in a speech at the Kennedy School of Government. One grave concern was that, despite the pleading objections of President Ahmadinejad, Iranian college professors are quitting in droves and simply walking away from Iranian students. "Iran is in dire need of as many university professors as it can get. I believe that Iran should extend its welcome to professors from different countries, even non-Islamic and secular countries," Khatami said, leaving open the possibility of a cultural exchange with Israel.

Even still, the Americans stand at the shores screaming their tired warnings in vain towards the Queen’s now distant fleet. But Isabella had long been convinced.

And alas, the horizon never once approached those sailing vessels. Only discovery and a successful quest that changed the nature of the world.


Condi just doesn't know what to do. What to do... those mean Iranians, those wayward Palestiniians, those misguided distorters of religion blowing up infidels. If only we could hold the lantern higher, surely they can see the freedom and democracy we offer is their ship coming in. Surely they can see....

You speak as though you believe the Iranian regime is actually representative of the Iranian people.

How unfortunate.

It's even more unfortunate that Steve Schippert believes that the Bush cabal is representative of the American people.

Is he aware that a letter dated 12th of September 2006 was hand delivered by the International Atomic Energy Commission to the US Ambassador in Vienna, strongly protesting a Report by the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in Washington as "erroneous, misleading and unsubstantiated." The report made claims about Iran's weapons capability and plans. The letter, addressed to Peter Hoekstra, Chairman House of Representatives, went on to express regret that the select committee had not verified it's claims with the IAEA.

No? You didn't know? Well, no surprise there. Americans know hardly anything, and therein lies the strength of Bush and his cronies. We are watching the same old lies from the American Government attempting to muster support for an attack on Iran by niave Americans. Haven't you people got enough to answer for over Iraq? Isn't it time you looked at your own government and insisted that they either tell the truth about everything,

including their complicity in certain 'terrorist' attacks or face arrest. Read the recently reclassified Northwood documents if you doubt your regime has ever been capable of murder and treason. It will open your eyes if you have the attention span.

Looks like it's time for that old adage:

"Believe nothing of what you read or hear and only half of what you see!"

Group of 15 Non-Aligned Nations?

First of all, "non-aligned" suggests an alternative to two or more competing alignments, as in the West vs. Warsaw Pact during the Cold War. I would suggest that in reality they are all, by definition, aligned. Aligned against the U.S. Who else is in this group of 15?

Also, this little get together of anti-U.S. countries brings to mind a disturbing possibility: Iranian missiles in Cuba or Venezuela, possibly nuclear tipped.

Sleep well America.


I am quite aware of the letter. If you will kindly notice, a Bloomberg article on that letter was linked to in our NewsBriefs section - and therefor ThreatsWatch readers encouraged to read it - minutes after its original publishing.


R. VanValekenburg,

Yes, the 'Non-Aligned' title explicitly references non-aligned with the US. But, decades ago, it meant non-aligned between either the US or Russia (USSR), just as you say above. Good comment, thank you for that.

The current 19 members of the G-15 are:

Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

Gee Jackie, you seem to be only happy when Three Million people died since 1993 while Clinton smoked cigars in the White House.

Go figure, you have such a warm heart for the people of the world. Clinton surely did do much to stop the genocide didn't he?

Yes, please, lets turn back to lefty fundie days where everything is OK as long as millions of innocents die around the world - you know - as long as it is not us. Lets not only turn the other cheek, lets turn our entire back on the situation of the world and lie to the American people that all is groovy.

Wake up, evil exist and sometimes we must fight against it. As in 1993 when the WTC was first hit, then our embassies in Africa.

But I know you have all the answers Jackie. We'll just all go talk at the UN for 10 years while millions die.

Ohhh yeah, seems there's a report of Oil in Darfur, with China happily supporting the Islamic fanatical government which enslaved, tortured and murdered millions.

But you go rest easy at night, sweet dreams. We need not worry about the terror in other countries until we are hit again, right?

Michael: How did Clinton have anything to do with attacking Iraq? He was involved in the application on Iraq of the most rigorous sanctions ever imposed on any country, ever, but he didn't openly attack. He did, however, support almost daily bombing for twelve years, with depleted uranium among other pleasantries. I'm an Englishwoman and have no particular favourites among US Presidents. I was protesting the use of misinformation and the reliance on the short attention span of the average American. Michael, it's true that evil exists, but when it's based on fantasy in order to create fear and loathing to gain support for an attack on an innocent people, I have to protest. So should you if you are a patriotic American. I suggest you read my post again.