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Inciting the Israelis

By Craig Martelle | May 2, 2006

Yesterday (May 1st), the IDF captured an Islamic Jihad terrorist who was planning a suicide attack during the upcoming Israeli Independence Day celebrations.

(I)t was announced today that an apparent terrorist attack scheduled for this Wednesday, Independence Day, was foiled. A Palestinian terrorist was arrested in Jericho with a bomb in his possession, and his plans to detonate it in the coming days was revealed in interrogation. The would-be murderer planned to blow himself up in a crowded area in Haifa. He said he was sent by Islamic Jihad terrorists from Jenin.

Last year, we had the honor of being in Jerusalem and visiting Israel's National Military Cemetery on Memorial Day. The Israelis have great national pride and especially on Memorial Days and Independence Days.

The cemetery was a solemn place reminiscent of Arlington. But for Israel, all is very fresh in people's minds and Israel is so small, everyone is related to or knows someone who has been killed. Patriotism must be rewarded and remembered. The Jews do this right with mourning for the sacrifice, then the celebration of what that sacrifice has bought for other Israelis. (from "Israel - The Trip of a Lifetime" by Craig & Wendy Martelle, @2005)

And another quote from the book in regards to Memorial and independence Days.

Most American sacrifices for our country were made far away or a long time ago. It is not as personal as it is for the Israelis. 9/11 brought Americans closer together because our freedoms could not be taken for granted. Yet, to this day, how many people are calling the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq “illegal?” They don’t understand that we don’t want terrorists on our soil and we cannot let any regime support them in such a way as to allow them to thrive and prepare for attacks, coordinated at the level of 9/11.

How would a terrorist attack on an Israeli national/nationalist holiday be taken by the Israelis? It would serve to unite them further against the Palestinian cause. Right now, there is some dissent among the Israelis about how to deal with Hamas. However, Israeli resolve grows and the forces unite with each terrorist captured, with each attack thwarted, and with each attack conducted.