ThreatsWatch.Org: Commentary

The Axis of Evil Rising Beyond Averted Eyes

By Steve Schippert

Much has been said in this space regarding the inexplicable reluctance on the part of the United States to directly confront Iran as the global lynch pin of terror (not to be confused with the predictable reluctance on the part of the rest of the world). In what looks more and more like the WMD side-argument placed center stage by the Administration in making the international case for the removal of Saddam Hussein, the nuclear crisis with Iran has been thrust forward as the sole precept for action (in any form) against the Tehran regime.

This is a mistake, and an unnecessary one at that. It is clear that the world will not unite against the nuclear threat posed by Iran. Partly of nations' own reluctance to confront and partly of nations' own refusal to lend support to the United States, it is also clear that America will stand nearly alone in any challenge to the Iranian march.

Accompanied by a handful of resolute allies, even those leaders are embattled with their own fiery domestic debates over what is often presented as capitulation and subservience to an 'American War Machine' and its evil Bush Administration pilots.

But even internally, both the American and Israeli leaderships seem intent on brushing aside the true threat in a reluctance that appears to suggest that they hope against hope that the coordinating, growing and ever-strengthening encroachment led by Iran will fade back to their origins in time.

Caroline Glick properly frames the sidelined and, by many, ignored rise of the Islamist axis spearheaded by Iran. She concludes with rarely noted clarity:

All of these recent developments demonstrate that the members of the Iran-led Islamist axis are actively pursuing and indeed progressing in their quest to encircle Israel and entrap the US. This they accomplish - both separately and together - while Israel and the US insist on doing everything they can to prevent any possibility of effectively meeting the rising threats. There is no doubt that the political leadership of at least one of these states has to snap out of its policy fog immediately. Our enemies have no consideration for our desire to ignore them.

With certainty, they bask and strengthen in our desire to ignore them. They laugh as the world argues over the known portion of the Iranian nuclear program. They huddle and unite under the umbrella of opportunity provided by the reluctance of their enemies to accept conflict.

Their enemies choose rather to either bury their heads in the sand or negotiate the non-negotiable, such as Iran’s nuclear ambitions or Hamas’ determination to maintain it’s ‘from the river to the sea’ charter. Both, notably Shi’a and Sunni, are intent on “wiping Israel” from their maps, as if this is the answer to their problems. They are joined in singularity of purpose, for now, by disparate religious terrorist sects, such as the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda and, naturally, Iran’s child and long arm of foreign policy, Hizballah.

The sectarian violence presently on global display in Iraq is but a microcosm of the bloodletting that awaits a regional or global caliphate etched by this unlikely alliance of short term convenience. For should they ever achieve their aim of establishing a caliphate, there will be no ultimate peace under the unity of an Islamic Caliphate. The Battle Royale will only then commence from within, Shi’a killing Sunni and Sunni killing Shi’a.

While the Iranian nuclear crisis and the prospect of an apocalyptic Iranian leadership armed with nuclear weapons with which to ‘pave the way for the return of the 12th Imam’ is indeed frightening, the world should understand that this is simply a means to an end for them – not the only means and an ‘end’ without end once Sunni and Shi’a commence the slaughter of each other for control.

Without dismissing its danger, look beyond the distraction of the Iranian nuclear sprint and recognize the nature of the threat that fuels it: The rise of the Islamist Axis.