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In Defense of Iran: Eyes Wide Shut

By Steve Schippert

Let me ask you a question: Is terrorism a major threat?

Let me ask you another question: Is the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism then, logically, also a threat?

Why is it then that, with regards to Iran’s largely clandestine nuclear program, some insist on justifying the Iranian program as a matter of fair and just self-defense? Why is it that the decades of global carnage generated by the regime behind the sprint toward nuclear weapons is forgotten - nay seemingly forgiven – in misguided and persistent nihilistic attempts at laying the horrors and misgivings of Iran’s reign of terror squarely upon America’s doorstep?

In Why Iran Wants a Bomb, Richard Reeves does precisely that. He opens with a simple question, offers a simple answer, and then attempts to justify it with clouded and illogically nuanced moral equivalence.

Let me ask you a question: If you were running Iran, would you try to develop nuclear weapons? I would. Apparently the editors of the Los Angeles Times would also answer "Yes."

The lead editorial in Friday’s Times was comment on the release of the U.S. government’s latest "National Security Strategy." That’s the one in which President Bush’s introduction begins, "America is at war," and then goes on to specifically name Iran as an enemy of the United States. The document also reiterates the U.S. commitment to pre-emptive or preventive war.

Mr. Reeves is referring to an editorial titled Strategic Error in The Los Angeles Times, which was highly critical of the Bush Administration’s National Security Strategy - 2006.

Of course Mr. Reeves and those who think like him would build a bomb. He views the Iranian regime as benign…or at least they would be if it weren’t for such aggressive and provocative words from the American President.

One wonders where Mr. Reeves has been spending his time for the past 27 years since the 1979 Iranian revolution that swept a brutal theocratic dictatorship into rule. Perhaps he missed the torture, imprisonment and slaughter of thousands of Iranians who dared (and dare) to merely speak in opposition to their leadership, just as he does comfortably and without fear.

Perhaps he missed the Iranian creation of Hezbollah. Quite possibly, then, he also missed the bombing of the American embassy and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, with a combined 341 killed, not all bodies fully recoverable. Escaping him also must have been the kidnap and often torture and murder of 18 Americans between 1982 and 1991, the hijacking of a TWA Flight 847 and the murder of an American Navy diver on that flight for the crime of being an American Navy diver.

He must have also missed the bombing of the American embassy annex in Kuwait City in 1983. Four more bodies to avert his eyes from.

Buenos Aries? Surely he caught those bombings. An Israeli embassy and a Jewish-Muslim Mutual Association building. Both blown to bits through the long arm of Iran’s Hezbollah.

The 1997 Khobar Towers bombing had Iranian fingerprints all over it, and its investigation revealed Iranian fingerprints back to the 1995 Riyadh bombing of an American military complex. All told, 26 more shattered corpses to overlook.

Curiously missed must have been the September 1997 Tehran conference of ‘Liberation Movements’. The purpose: Cooperation and coordination of the various disparate Islamic terror groups for a concerted jihad effort worldwide. Iran brought around one big table the leadership of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, their child Hezbollah, as well as Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command, and a certain Egyptian by the name of Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Just five months later, in February of 1998, that same Egyptian and Osama bin Laden created the International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Crusaders and Jews, with al-Qaeda serving as its backbone - following the cooperative vision inspired at least in part by the Tehran conference.

Perhaps he missed that and all that followed.

The world’s 4th leading oil exporter is undeniably the world’s 1st leading exporter of international terrorism. This point cannot be argued, it can only be missed. Somehow.

It is, after all, America’s fault. If we would simply not fly in planes, not work in embassies, house our military in barracks, go to work in skyscrapers or write National Security Policies that dare to stand tall and resolute in defense of such daring ventures as these.

So, Mr. Reeves would build a nuclear bomb if he were running Iran. The aggressive words of President Bush would compel him to do so and, of course, clearly notwithstanding are the murderous actions of the state he would be running.